Last minute bridesmaids

So, I got engaged 18 months ago and asked my four best friends to be my bridesmaids in January this year.

I didn’t, however, ask my two future sister in laws to be bridesmaids for a number of reasons, namely I felt that 6 bridesmaids were too many as our wedding isn’t going to be huge, and the expense of extra bridesmaids. Plus the fact that I’m not particularly close to either of them, although we do get on well when we do see each other.

My youngest sister in law has recently announced she is pregnant and it has made me realise that when I’m married to her brother, we’ll all be family and I want us to be close and have a good relationship. I now really wish that I’d asked them to be bridesmaids, more than anything, as it might have brought us closer and given us something to bond over.

I haven’t bought any bridesmaid dresses or anything yet as the wedding is still 1 year away. Do you think I can ask them this late in the day or do you think like my H2b says, it’s too late to ask now?


  • To be honest i think 6 BMs is a lot, and i wouldn't ask them 'late'. There are lots of other ways to get closer and bond, and they don't involve a very expensive and stressful single day with a lot of expectations riding on it! Ask them to lunch or something, don't make them part of your wedding party
  • I would suggest asking them to do readings. This would make them feel like part of the day yet save you a lot of money in dresses etc. 
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