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2021 Brides!!!

Hi ladies not sure if someone has started a thread for us 2021 brides yet so apologies if they have but thought it would be nice to have somewhere we can chat together as I’ve seen more of us popping up recently
So leave ur date and venue to get this going I’ll start:
16/04/2021 Cadbury house 


  • Hi!
    26/06/21 Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock.
  • Hi ladies! I’m a 2021 bride but yet to book a venue so feeling disorganised compared to you both 😂 can’t seem to find what we’re looking for at the minute as it will be a very small wedding and seems like the places I love are more geared towards larger weddings! Anyway thought I’d pop by and join the party 😃
  • @Northern_bride I’ll keep everything crossed you have a dry sunny day being in June ☺️ 
    @MrsBAtoBe trust be I’m not organised 😂 just found a venue we loved and as we’re paying for everything  ourselves we wanted to give ourselves enough time to save, hope you find your dream venue x
  • That’s amazing you managed to find somewhere you loved, giving you time to save 😍 we’ll be paying ourselves too so know the feeling on that 😰 of course I’m hoping to win the lottery in the meantime but not counting my chickens! How much else have you planned/ looked into? I’ve tried a few dresses on although I’m super lucky there as my mom is a fantastic designer and dressmaker so will be making mine. I’ve also gone to a few wedding shows etc but haven’t booked anything yet! I’m super excited to get married but have been with my other half for a while now so hadn’t put too much thought into what my wedding would look like and it’s a lot more planning than I anticipated 😂 although its a very nice reason to plan! X 
  • @MrsBAtoBe I had no idea how much planning a wedding would involve or how many decisions would need to be thought over and made! We decided 2021 so that we'd have time to save too. Don't worry that you don't have your venue yet, if we hadn't looked at the Maritime Museum I think we'd be in the same position. I'm going to a big wedding show in January with some friends, i'm looking forward to that! We've booked our photographer, we spent a long time researching as that's one of our priorities. Otherwise we haven't booked anything else yet. I'm researching though and making notes. I listen to some podcasts and i'm in the Bridechilla FB group - these are really helpful!

    @Jessica-34 Thanks! It can get very windy around Albert Dock but i'll be happy if we get a dry day! There are lots of nice photo opportunites around there so i'll be disappointed if we can't get any!
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 322 New bride
    Nice to meet you fellow 2021 brides!
    Getting married 12/03/2021 at Buxted Park Hotel :blush:
  • Hi! So excited we’re 04/10/21 in the lakes! Not planned much yet, currently booking our venue and off to my first wedding fair at the weekend!
  • Hi lovely Brides-to-be !

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  • Hi to everyone that's popped up the last couple days!!! 
    @MrsBAtoBe- We've booked DJ, photographer, harpist, characteristic  :D but we wanted certain people/companies so booked earlier to not be disappointed. I've tried dresses to its so hard to stay away from them!!! It is a lot but like you said it's for a great reason x
    @FutureMrsBoardy- Your getting married on my birthday  ;) Hope you have fun at the wedding fare (make sure to try cake samples, cant go wrong with free cake) 
  • Hello 2021 brides!  And congratulations...

    For those looking for something different and colourful, check this out:

    or you can message them on their webpage:

    There's lots of inspirational boards and photos to look at.  Its amazing what colours products come in these days! lol 

  • Jumping on this one 😬 

    I've been lurking for a while as we booked our venue last September (it's a long wait for a weekend date outside of winter but we just loved the venue!) Our engagement will be just over 2 and a half years - It's flying by so far! 

    We are 2nd May 2021, Cooling Castle Barn 
  • @Future.Mrs.F. welcome 😊 it really does fly by we will be engaged for over 3 years before we’re married! Hope planning goes well for you x
  • Hello! And congratulations all! Engaged on 01/10/19 after 12 years together... looking at autumn 2021... what do I do now?! 
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