Help!! Please read!

We are getting married July 2020.  We aren't really wanting to do the whole wedding breakfast carry on.  We have have booked tipis to have a wedding celebration and the plan was to go to the registry office the week before with parents, brother and sisters and kids and do the legal part as a small group.  
Now, I've been thinking (dangerous I know) I feel like theres no structure for the celebration apart from turn up and have a knees up starting from 4pm ish!!  Seems alot of money to spend on tipis etc just for people to come get drunk and have a high roast sarnie! 
Did anyone else do it this way, did you have anything for the guests to do etc? Xx 


  • Weddings aren't like they used to be, there's lots of different options now! People don't always have sit down meals now so what you're doing isn't that different to a 'real' wedding.

    Are you still having photos and a first dance and the other wedding traditions? I've been to one similar but they did have a fake ceremony where their friend did the fake marriage part to make it seem like a wedding. 

    I don't think 4pm is too early for a party to start. Summer BBQs often start at around 4 and go on all night, people will be able to occupy themselves if you have music and drinks!

    There's absolutely no difference between spending a lot on a real wedding and a lot on a wedding without a ceremony, it's still money spent on a party really. It's still going to be a stupid amount of money on one day that you have to keep trying not to think about if you're anything like me!  :D
  • Hi!  You've put my mind at ease!  It's amazing how you can start over thinking things after one person makes a comment! 
    We have thought about a celebant, it could be quite fun!  We'll still do the other traditions, photos, cake cutting, possibly speeches.  
    I'm definitely like you....its an expensive party!! 
    Thanks again!! Xxx
  • You'll definitely be fine then with photos and speeches to break up the day. Civil ceremonies are so short that they sometimes only take 10 minutes anyway!

    The ceremony I went to that was done by a friend was really sweet. It was personal to them and it was funny and romantic at the same time. It was actually much more romantic than a real wedding where you're not allowed to say whatever you want!
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