Venue meetings - when, how many, and should I be worried?

Hi all,

We got engaged a year ago and booked our venue in December 2018. Wedding is booked for mid September 2020.

Since booking we've had a lot of problems with the venue - they've had a huge staff turn over and are on the fourth wedding co-coordinator since last December. We've been told by different planners that they'll start booking meetings with us, they'll send timelines, they'll arrange for us to come in and look at options etc etc but it never happens. We've had emails and calls go unanswered for months at a time, found out via other suppliers we've met at wedding fairs that the coordinators have left - then any time we do get information or speak to someone whatever details they have on file for us are always wrong.

I've tried to not be too worried because our wedding was a while off, but now we're under 11 months away and I've just found out (via their social media) that the whole venue has been sold and is under new management. When we got in touch with them to ask what was going on, because they'd promised us a new contract three months before but it never arrived, we were told not to worry and they'd be in touch to ask us to come in for  meeting in a couple of weeks. That's been and gone and, despite our chasing, we're no further along and I'm starting to get seriously concerned we've made a massive error in booking this place, but it's too late to change now because everything else (photos, music, food, accommodation etc) is all booked too.

Basically, I'm wondering when everyone else started having planning meetings with their venue, how many, how far in advance etc. When we booked we were shocked they wanted to start meetings so soon because we were so far off, but now that we've got details and questions to discuss they've gone the complete other way!



  • That sounds super stressful! We’re getting married in June 2020 and I’m not expecting to meet with the venue until early next year (maybe Feb/Mar), so I wouldn’t worry from that point of view. 
    Given the change of management, I think it’s worth pushing for a face-to-face meeting sooner rather than later - hopefully to put your mind at rest!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 217 New bride
    Obviously every venue will be different but for me, my venue suggest an initial meeting around 6-9 months before, a follow-up meeting around 3 months before and a final meeting a couple of weeks before.

    If this was usual circumstances I would say not to worry that you've not had a meeting yet but given that you have been messed around so much I think I would be pushing for the initial meeting to take place ASAP. 
  • Thanks both! That gives me some perspective that we're not massively behind on anything, but given the problems we've had we should push for one. A friend told me she'd already had two or three by this stage, and a colleague had said they'd had their first detailed on a year before. Agh!
  • I’m getting married next May and our venue said they would get in touch at the 6months mark to organise a planning meeting. My venue is dry hire, and separately we are meeting our caterers at the end of November for a tasting and to chose our menu so definitely don’t worry about not having any meetings yet.

    That said and like others say, given that they’ve been messing you about and the change of ownership it’s definitely see if you can get a meeting with them now if only to put your mind at rest! 
  • Thank you. This put my mind at ease. We've been trying to get hold of them for a few weeks now just to get an updated contract and finally heard back last week to say someone will be in touch by Friday (didn't happen though)!
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