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Your opinion please - Would you be interested in this?

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Hi everyone!

I posted quite often here back then so it’s lovely to be back  :)

I’m a former bride turned wedding planner and I'm just wanting to find out whether any of you would use this new service that I’m working on: an automated system where you could have your own wedding planner by your side for free as you plan your wedding.

I know that some brides don’t know where to start and struggle with the planning, and others who want to be hands on as much as possible. So from the beginning of the process, you would be able to choose exactly what you want to plan yourself and what you need help with so you’ll still be able to plan your wedding the way you want and have as much free time as you want as your planner will only do what you want them to do, whether you’re getting married in the UK or abroad.

There will be 3 packages to choose from with the Basics free of charge and a reasonable monthly fee for the 2 others with more features. There will also be a user-friendly forum for you to connect & discuss with others and share your experiences, and meetup groups.

(On another note, the setup of this forum has changed quite a lot since then… personally, I liked the old one lol)

I would love your opinions on this.

Thanks a lot x


  • Hello Alison, 

    I think the first questions that most people would be thinking is why is it free? how would you be making money from the service? what is covered in the basic package?  what do you class as reasonable monthly fee for the other packages? 

    For me personally, if a person in the know can help with useful recommendations of suppliers/ venues etc that aren't always top of the list in google search but are really good at what they do, that would be helpful assistance as I find its the same few venues/ stationary companies, bridesmaids dress types etc that keep coming up. I would also think, most brides would want to know if having a planner would bring any other benefits than time saving, would there be potential discounts from referrals etc. 

    Good luck with your ideas!
  • This looks like 2 posts from same person under different accounts🤔Personally I would have no interest in this and would never pay anything for it. Too many people trying to jump on the wedding band wagon I think. All the best
  • @Samantha265 are you implying that alison-theformerbride and I are the same person? I can assure you we are not. Alison asked a question and I answered it the same way you did! I merely asked additional questions to find out more.  
  • I can also confirm that we're not the same person.
    Thank you so much both for your feedback :blush: Much appreciated!
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