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How to walk in and out of ceremony

Hi all

I am at the stage of thinking brought the final details of the ceremony. I haven’t had a rehearsal and am not sure how a few things work....

I know that I walk in on my Dad’s right so that’s fine. Do you kiss your H2B when you get the the top of the aisle?
I then plan on handing my bouquet to my sister. I guess she holds it during the ceremony and puts it on the table when we sign the register? 
I’ll then pick my flowers up so I have it when walking back out. Does it matter which side the bride/groom is on when we walk out?

Thank you for any tips 😊


  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 948 New bride
    Are you having a church wedding or registry office? Will there be a rehearsal beforehand? I f so, all these details can be smoothed out then.

    I had a church wedding, and every venue will be different but: 1) If you want to kiss your H2B when you get to him, that's your choice. 2) Yes, your sister can take care of the bouquet and if there's room on the table for the register signing it usually makes for good photos, just make sure she knows to put it there when you go up or to give it to you for you to take. 3) You can walk back up the aisle however you want! (I can't remember which side I walked on, but I've been at weddings where people have danced, and one memorable wedding where the bride basically dragged the groom out, she was so happy!)

    Overall, don't over-worry about these little details, they'll all fall into place on the day.
  • Thank you OmRum. We are getting married at the venue and am not having a rehearsal before so I am panicking about it all works. Maybe I am over thinking it, but thank you for your response x
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,383 New bride
    I got married at a hotel and was worried about not having a rehearsal,  but the registrar will meet with you and your hubby separately on the morning and tell you exactly what you need to do. And like OmRum says, on the day you will just be so happy and in this bubble that you wont even be thinking about the smaller stuff like that, well I wasnt anyway! I'm usually quite anxious if I dont know the exact plans for things but I honestly was so relaxed on the day it didnt even cross my mind. 
    Good luck with it all and have the best day!
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