Very Casual/Informal Ceremony Ideas Needed! (not legal one)

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This is my first time posting so I have no idea if I've put this in the right section, sorry if I haven't! 

So we are having a the basic courtroom ceremony with 2 witnesses a week or so before our actual "wedding" to get the legal bit out the way.

We are then having, I guess what most people would call the reception in a beautiful field with family and friends, it's super casual and informal and fun but we want to have a informal ceremony/vows bit at the start seen as we can only have 2 witnesses at the legal bit. So it'll be like a fake ceremony.

But I have no idea how to make it really informal and nice. The problem I'm having is my fiance isn't keen on standing up in front of everyone and in his words "being like oh everyone look at us while we gush and confess our love for each other". So does anyone have any idea what we could do so I can make a suggestion to him he might like? Something fun and that takes the attention off us? If not I might have to let go of the idea of having that little ceremony with all our friends and family :( 

Thanks in advance! 


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    I have been to a similar event where they had a 'ceremony' outside in a field. People were able to get drinks beforehand so it was more relaxed and they had family / friends acting as the 'officiant' and doing readings. The people they picked were quite confident / funny, so although some of it was sincere and touching, it was all fairly light-hearted. Also if they are happy to have the attention on them, it takes the pressure off you.

    I think some kind of vows is important so people feel like they've been to a wedding, but as it's unofficial, you can pick exactly what you want to say (so it can be brief / amusing, etc.). There are also things like hand fasting which are symbolic and don't require you to talk - there are other similar options but I'm no expert!
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