Awkward wedding

So me and my partner have been engaged a few years now and are finally looking at setting the date. We were in a long distance relationship so our two families live very far away and have only ever met once before. We only want a small wedding with the people closest to us, immediate family, only 18 people total and 3 are kids! As well as this, my parents are divorced so I’m worried it’s going to be a very awkward day, which is putting a downer on the planning and excitement of getting married really. 


  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride
    Hello! My husband and I only had 31 guests, of which only 7 were actual relatives! Do what makes you happy as a couple.
    Maybe marry somewhere just the 2 of you and throw a party for everyone afterwards somewhere between your respective locations, so everyone as to travel and stop over? Make a fun weekend of it, with some ice breakers and games/ competitions etc.?

    My husband's parents are divorced and he chose not to invite his mum and step siblings. He didn't want the day to be awkward, which it would have been with all of them there, so he left his mum out. He doesn't have much of a relationship with her so made sense, even if it did cause some upset.

    Its your wedding and you'll (hopefully) only do it once! So do it your way and be happy. We're glad we did.
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