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Fun Opinion Post: How was / is your wedding planning coming along?

Hello all!

My wedding day is fast approaching and a friend of mine who recently got engaged and asked about my experience with wedding planning, i.e. pet peeves or bits I found super fun to plan. It got me thinking and I thought it would be fun to share with everyone here and have a little opinion/experience fest! I quite like hearing about people's experiences with wedding planning so I'm hoping others will too haha :)

Personally, I've really loved picking my flowers with the florist and coming up with ideas (silly I know haha) and I obviously loved my food tasting day (surely everyone's favourite part?). I also had a pretty positive wedding dress shopping experience as well, I just loved everything I tried on and couldn't decide :blush:

But as for pet peeves my biggest one is when suppliers don't put a rough price guide on their website e.g. a photographer, videographer, band etc. I understand of course that prices can fluctuate and change depending on what you want, however it would've been so so helpful to know off the bat whether they were in my budget or not with their most basic package without me having to contact them directly and then awkwardly explain that I can't afford them... It even got to the point where I wouldn't reach out to suppliers if they had no pricing at all on their website (even like a "packages start from £££" kind of thing would have helped), because I just couldn't deal with emailing all these suppliers with most being not in my budget/ not replying at all. 

Also I don't know about anyone else, but I found it kind of hard to plan a proper budget at the very beginning because honestly I did not have a clue how much anything would cost?

Anyways those are my pet loves and peeves from wedding planning, would be super interested to hear about anyone else's experience + whether you agree/disagree? :smiley:


  • I love doing all the little crafty bits like photo collages. I like adding pictures of all the things we've chosen and made to my wedding photo album and seeing it all come together! I also love seeing how excited my family are about the wedding!

    My main peeve is how expensive everything is when it's for a wedding. No-one would ever pay £400 for a cake for any other occasion!

    I also get annoyed with people offering unwanted opinions and who ask you about your plans then tell you all about how they would do it instead. It makes my inner child internally scream! Shut up, it's our day, not yours! I only talk about it with my closest people now.

  • I also agree about the budget! I was adamant a wedding would cost about £2k before he proposed.  :D How naive I was!
  • yes trying to work out a budget is literally impossible (unless you are restricted to a certain budget initially) even when i googled how much everything costs on average I've learned that all of those 'guide prices' were completely wrong, for example i read that the average cake costs £150 (which in reality its like £300-400!) and wedding dresses on average were around £1200 apparently but mine ended up being £600. there are so many options for everything you can't work out how much everything is going to cost, you just sit there looking at your spreadsheet watching it all slowly add up :neutral: but i have loved planning all the way through, even the stress of family politics, in the end I'm marrying my best friend, so who really cares what the cake tastes like and whether all the decorations are 'that shade' of pink! :smiley:
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