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Logistics of being far away from the venue!

Hi! I really need some advice

I have been looking all over for a venue and have settled on two that we both really like, but I am worried as the one that I love and would be amazing is quite far, as Im in Hitchin and this venue is in Carlisle... so as you can imagine its pretty far its not a simple day trip. I am worried about getting suppliers and arranging hair and make up and going up and down, and I wondered has anyone had any trouble, or found it particularly hard, or had to compromise on something they might have really wanted? wonder whether this should be a big factor on whether we should do it nearer to home!

Thank you in advance for any help/advice really appreciate it.

Emma x


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 87 New bride
    We are getting married near home so haven't had this issue but I do find that lining up meeting people (florists / hair dressers / photographers etc.) can be difficult and you'd want to group those appointments as much as possible to minimise trips up. Saying that, we have spoken to some people on the phone and for things like DJs or photographers, that might be sufficient for you to book them (along with their websites / reviews from other couples).

    If you really love the venue and you can set aside the time and the cost of travelling up a few times then I wouldn't let it put you off. I'd also suggest doing things as early as possible - maybe take a few days off work and schedule as many meetings with suppliers as you can, especially as they are often more flexible during the week. Also keep an eye out for wedding fairs - you might be able to meet lots of people in one go.
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