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What are you all planning for your hen parties?

Hi ladies, just out of interest I wondered what people are planning to do for their hen parties. How far ahead, how many, how much etc. Mine isn’t for a couple of years but as I’ve been planning it for ages I already know that I’m having one main one for my close friends in Ibiza and then another UK one for everyone in Birmingham. I know I will probably end up having a separate one with people from work too. Let’s hear your plans! X


  • My friends have persuaded me to go abroad. Decided on Lisbon for a mix of city break and beach time!
  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 611 New bride
    I didn't have one. We already lived together and most of my friends are married and TBH I couldn't be bothered with expense or hassle. No regrets
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 265 New bride
    I would have been happy just to do something with my 2 bridesmaids but they talked me into inviting more people so it will be me, my 2 bridesmaids, 2 other friends and my mum. I think the plan is to go away for the weekend but just somewhere in Scotland. No idea what we're going to be doing though! 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 940 New bride
    I live near London so my ladies planned a day of different activities of varying prices so that my friends could dip in and out depending on their budgets and where they were travelling from. It worked really well being just the one day as more or less everyone could come, and the whole thing was less than £100 each if people wanted to stay the whole day. It was three months before the wedding, but would have been closer if my bridesmaid hadn't been about to pop a sprog! There were about 15-20 people who came, all close friends and family. 
  • BooshBoosh Posts: 35 New bride
    My girls have arranged 2 nights away in a private house with hot tub and a chef coming in one of the evenings and a vineyard and wine tasting tour as well! I'm super excited it's me, mum and 8 others! Count down is on 6 weeks to go! 
  • derekopittderekopitt Posts: 2 New bride
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    A simple meal out followed by a cocktail bar crawl and dancing. The reason it was so nice was that it was only a small group and everyone was there. It wasn't all of the bride's friends, it was her closest friends and her family. There were 15 of us. There was no pressure. The only rule of the night was that the bride didn't pay for anything and there were no novelty willy shaped straws or inflatable genitalia or L plates or any of that nonsense. 9apps cartoon hd

  • Ruth126Ruth126 Posts: 40 New bride
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    My sister arranged mine in London (where I live). We started with afternoon tea at the Mayfair Hotel, then went to Bounce for table tennis, back to Piccadilly for cocktails at the Meridian hotel bar where they have magicians, then dinner at Brasserie Zédel. Mothers, nieces etc came to first bit as well and everyone could pick and choose how much to attend so no pressure. 
    I wasn’t going to have one as I’m not a fan but it was great. A lot of people couldn’t make it due to other weddings or events or illness but a lot of people did come to various bits and I found that not caring who turned up helped. I had a blast and people really seemed to enjoy it. My sister did a fantastic job. It was 3 weeks before the wedding. 
  • Personally I wonder if I should have gotten a degree in Event Management before I began planning my sister's Hen Party. Between staying local or weekends away, must-have activities, blending a mix of friends along with Mammys, Aunties and 3rd cousins, all while keeping the bride happy and making sure everyone is going to have the best time ever, you might say I'm a little overwhelmed. But while it can seem like a humongous task, following our simple rules is guaranteed to have you dancing along with your bestie (bubbles in hand) in no time... shareit app vidmate app

  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 216 New bride
    Mine's being kept simple as far as I'm aware. Possibly some daytime pampering and then meal and cocktails just in my home city. I want to be able to come home to my baby. 
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