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Organising a wedding in the UK from abroad...

I'd love to hear from people who are getting married in the UK from overseas or who have done so, and what your experience is like or has been?
In particular anything to think about from the planning point of view? What things worry you, or can be difficult?


  • where in uk would you be getting married. To be very honest its better to be in the country to see things for the way they are. Ive recently got married 2months ago and I was unable to find reasonable planners or event company's that was honest and really wanted to help you, so I've opened up my own company to help people and also save vulnerable brides from scamming event companies.  

    I have been doing for over 7 years and I provide wedding planning services. If you feel stuck at any point do get in touch. We have only launched a day ago so our website is still under construction but Check us out on Instagram thebudgetweddinghouse or contact us on [email protected] 

    good luck :)

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