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waid101waid101 Posts: 16 New bride
Hello Everyone!

My fiance and I are looking at wedding insurance and wondered who everyone else has gone with and the reasons why? any positives negatives or who to avoid.

I anticipated wedding insurance would be fairly common and offered by all the usual companies that offer travel, car and home insurance for example. However, this hasn't been the case.

My searches so far have only brought up Debenhams and John Lewis as companies that are known to me. Everyone other company I have never heard of. This isn't a bad thing necessarily but I tend to go with who I know, especially as weddings cost such a lot of money. 

Any recommendations would be great!



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I used Arthur Brown wedding insurance which you have to arrange by phone. There are loads of other companies around. People use JL and Debenhams as they trust the names but realistically they are just a middle man, an actual insurance company underwrites it.
    The Moneysavingexpert website has a good section on wedding insurance with their best buys.
  • RosiePRosieP Posts: 6 New bride
    We use Wedinsure. It's was the first one which I saw after my searching. Very good customers reviews. So, we choose this company.
  • Hi

    Good to see couples bringing up such an important topic
    As a wedding photographer, this is something I always discuss with my clients.
    Please Please Please get wedding insurance.
    Your right though, there are only a few household names you will instantly recognise such as John Lewis and Debenhams. and your right weddings cost a fortune.
    However, so do cars. We often buy in one form or another a car valued at 20k plus and then do a search and most will opt for the cheapest insurance available, someone they never heard off.
    My advice to you is, do not go with Debenhams. They are on the brink of administration which could affect any of their subsidiary companies such as the insurance side etc..
    As long as they have a de facto rating and offer what you need to cover then you are on a good path.

    When I got married and if I was to recommend anyone (no commission involved) I personally would go with John Lewis. They, not the cheapest and they not the most expensive but a name you can trust, and when planning your wedding you need a lot of trust and peace of mind.

    Sorry I am late to the conversation and hope you find the right one for you.



  • waid101waid101 Posts: 16 New bride
    edited 11 February
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions everyone!

    I was reluctant to go with Debenhams as I had heard they are on the brink of collapse also.   

    I agree peace of mind is super important when it comes to insurance and I am guilty of going with who I know for other things such as car insurance or travel insurance even when I can get it half the price if I go else where but I don't get the peace of mind so what's the point? In the event of something going wrong I will be glad of spending the extra couple of quid with a more well know company maybe? I'm not sure !!

    I understand JL for example are a bit of a middleman with an insurance company doing the underwriting (Royal and Sun Alliance in their case) but I guess they wouldn't want to promote and attach their name to something that wasn't good and potentially would impact their brand? Unfortunately it would appear that you can't go to Royal Sun Alliance directly and cut the middle man as I would be happy to do that. 

    Wedinsure are a name that keeps coming up and the reviews have been good from what I've seen but all the reviews focus around the ease of taking out the policy, which is great but I'm more bothered about reviews from people who have had to enact their policy and how Wedinsure behaved in those scenarios. 

    I've not heard of Arthur Brown, I will look them up. 

    I always find insurance is a win win, if you need to use it then you have it in place and if you don't need it then nothing went wrong! but I will keep looking and make sure we are comfortable with who ever we go with. I'm starting to overthink it now! Ha

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

  • Hey, 
    I’m looking to see if anyone has taken out insurance for their wedding with assestsure? 

    We were due to get married in 7 weeks but due to the Coronavirus we decided to postpone until May 2021. Luckily the venue and majority of the suppliers were happy to transfer the deposit and go ahead with the new date.

    i rang the insurance and asked them to extend our policy to the new date also. What I’m concerned about now though is if something like the Coronavirus were to happen again would we still be covered for it if it was cancelled. As we know it’s going on now I wonder if they would treat it the same way as a pre existing medical issue if that makes sense? 

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated :)

  • To be honest i think you're right, a lot of insurers will have changed the admendments in their contracts now to account for corona virus, some have stopped giving insurance policies out altogether. If you extend your policy they may ask you to accept these new conditions. I would personally extend it for another few months (if possible) then when all this starts to blow over start to look at taking out a new policy that might cover you should this happen again. Hopefully that helps!
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