Planning a destination wedding in Greece? - Start Here! (Useful starting info)


I've been stumbling across plenty of forum posts on "youandyourwedding", and I've noticed a pattern regarding brides asking information regarding a destination wedding in Greece. Whether the topic is a wedding venue, location, or organizer suggestions, it is evidently clear that several brides have been looking around for relevant information, without finding a unified post that will help them out.

As such, my aim in this discussion post is to provide some useful tips and resources that will help brides understand the Greek destination wedding planning process and organize their thoughts.

Let's begin:

-  Summer (specifically May-End of September) is considered the peak wedding season in Greece. The rates for wedding professionals and vendors will be higher during these months. 
-June-September is considered "peak-peak" season as they are the most in-demand wedding months. Expect the highest rates for wedding professionals and vendors.
-Mainland Greece is on average less expensive than the Greek islands.
-From least expensive to most expensive: Mainland Greece, Greek islands (excluding Santorini, Mykonos) and Santorini-Mykonos.
-The most popular Greek wedding islands are Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Hydra, Spetses. 
-The most expensive wedding islands (by far) are Santorini, Mykonos.
-Plan your budget accordingly based on how expensive and how popular each location is.
-Popular locations/Expensive locations are the most in-demand. A good time to book them is one year in advance.

2. Wedding locations in Greece
Arguably the most important wedding consideration for a wedding anywhere is the wedding locations. Greece is like a "jack of all trades" in the sense that you can find a wedding location for all tastes and all wedding types.

Want a religious wedding in a grand church? Thousands are spread throughout Greece.

Want a symbolic beach wedding? Hundreds of beautiful beaches to choose from.

Want a private elopement? Exquisite lakes and mountainsides with stunning views for your choosing.

To get an idea of the different wedding locations in Greece, you can read the following blog post, which identifies 44+ wedding locations in Greece. It includes both lesser-known and popular locations, as well as  a small summary of each location. Once you identify a few areas you like based on your wedding type, you can proceed to further research each area.

3. The wedding planning process for a destination wedding in Greece
Planning a wedding is a huge time commitment, and it gets even more complicated when it becomes a destination wedding (different country, travel logistics, accommodation logistics etc).

We recently published a more than 12,000-word ultimate guide to getting married in Greece. This includes a planning timeline, analysis and explanation of the factors you need to consider, as well as top Greek wedding professionals a bride might need for a wedding in Greece (from photographers, to bar management companies, to make up artists). It's a big read, but it compiles important information a bride needs to consider for a destination wedding in Greece.

Hopefully, the guide, although overwhelming, will clear some confusion regarding the wedding planning process.

That does it!

Remember that if you find yourself overwhelmed by the entire process feel free to contact us. We understand how daunting the process can be and we love assisting couples in planning their special day!

-Junior event planner @ White Stories Events

-Junior Event Planner-
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