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How to make the wedding ceremony more personal

Please give me some unique ideas for the wedding ceremony, something more exciting that write your own vows or play music that’s personal to you etc


  • Hiya ladies Im new to this. 

    Me and my partner are both English but his family are mainly from Scotland and he wants to incorporate some Scottish tradition into our wedding such as using the cloth to wrap around our hands but Im not too sure if you can do that in the south east of England.

    Please tell if this is do-able where I am.

    Thank you 
  • If you are having a church or civil ceremony you are usually limited to those 2 bits. They have rules and also they often have other ceremonies to do so want to be in and out quickly.

    But, heres some of the things we've seen. One of the best things to do is actually get married legally before your wedding day at a registry office and then on the day have a humanist ceremony with a celebrant. The reason being with a humanist ceremony you usually get to do whatever you want. The guests also have no idea unless you tell them and assume they are witnessing a perfectly legal ceremony. We have also had people have the legal ceremony on the day and then a humanist ceremony immediately after.

    Things we see are ring warming. This is where the best man presents the rings and instead of going straight into putting them on your finger the rings are passed around all the guests to view and also bless. As this happens the celebrant typically recounts some stories they found out about you both. Heres a great on we filmed recently with a celebrant and a ring ceremony

    Another good one for ideas is the first film here

    Other things we have seen, dove release, butterfly release, injecting any cultural elements like if one of you is Jewish you can break the glass even without a full ceremony under a chuppah.

    But a lot of this all depends on who is conducting your ceremony. As I said, civil celebrants must follow rules. What you do after they walk out is upto you though.
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