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Is a year too early to post invitations?

I know this sounds crazy but is a year too early to send out invites? We're getting married in Liverpool and everyone is going to have to travel as no one (including us) lives there. Liverpool is rather expensive to stay in, and as our wedding is on a saturday, the hotel costs may rise once football fixtures have been announced. Literally last week I saw a room in a house on air BnB change from £100 to £300 because a football match was on the same date. I was hoping to send the invites out asap so people could book but everywhere on the internet seems to say this is too early. I don't want people not to attend as the hotel prices are either too expensive closer to the time/booked up.

Sorry for the long message and I accidentally posted this in hair and make up first as I'm new to this forum game!


  • I don't think there's any specific 'rules' anymore. If it involves travelling then the sooner the better I think. Go for it
  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 170 New bride
    I’ve stressed myself out before knowing I’m being invited to a wedding but have been held back booking transport and accommodation (not knowing times and exact locations/hotel deals etc)  because invites have been sent out later (I have to travel to almost anywhere with where I live) so i would say go for it! 

    Just be prepared people may only RSVP closer to the time or may even lose the invite so I would just have a contingency plan in place, just in case! 
  • We have a wedding website already sorted (I've been off work sick so had time on my hands), so all the information is ready to go. So we were going to pop out invitations directing guests to that. It is a reasonably small wedding (60) so we are in contact regularly with everyone and we've had loads of enquiries of where to book hotels, timings etc. It is just online that everywhere seems to say it is way too early. It isn't until May 2021 so I have until this May to decide. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Have you sent save the dates? We sent them about a year before our wedding just so people knew the date and venues and could book early if they wanted to. We then sent the more detailed invitations about 6-9 months out (can't remember exactly when!) once we had the timings sorted. Obviously this would double the stamps if you're posting them, but we snuck them in Christmas cards to save costs!

    But I agree with the others - I wouldn't bat an eyelid if I got an invitation a year early and would probably find it helpful in terms of booking accommodation and sorting childcare. You may find you have to chase more RSVPs though, as people will have longer to forget to reply!
  • We've already sent save the dates out in December once we had the date confirmed but we only put the city on there. I know, an over sight! We sent them digitally because we didn't want to waste paper and money on stamps. I don't mind chasing RSVPs tbh as long as they all have the info. Is that why people don't send until later because of RSVPs? Honestly whenever we've had to travel for a wedding, we try to book our accommodation 6 months in advance. Maybe we're strange?! 
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