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Postpone August 2020 wedding?

em100em100 Posts: 1 New bride
Is anyone getting married in August and thinking about postponing the wedding? I can’t decide what to do for the best! I’m worried if we come to change the date in a couple of months there won’t be many dates available to change to. Is anyone in this position and made a decision already?


  • We were thinking about this. Our date is 8th august.  We are having a registry office ceremony in the morning, then venue for humanist ceremony and party later.  Our venue has said that any 2020 dates can be moved to 2021 for free, so that's ok (although some family and friends have already booked their hotels).  
    Decided if still on lockdown we would go ahead with morning ceremony and live stream it for everyone to watch from their homes, and move party to 1 year anniversary, but on 7th as that would be a Saturday. 

    So we've made a plan, but won't make a decision until nearer the time. 
  • And yesterday evening we heard from our friends (best man & wife) who live in Midlands, their hotel which was booked back in January had called them to cancel their stay. Full refund, finished. I think that may have made the desicion for us :(
  • TunnagTunnag Posts: 4 New bride
    Our wedding was set for 1st August this year, but we've decided to postpone for a year - it's too uncertain whether people will be able to travel, or whether they'll feel safe to - so we decided just to rearrange for exactly one year's time. All of our vendors have been absolutely amazing and so supportive, kind of expected we might get charged some fees here and there, but really everyone was just super helpful so as soon as we found out they were all available on the same date in 2021 (we're having a tipi wedding so there are lots of different contractors!) we just went for it. I've been together with my OH for 16 years and getting engaged was a total surprise, so I don't feel like we need to super rush things, given the current situation. We also heard from my OH's brother that the hotel he'd booked had cancelled their stay, and that was also what helped us to decide.
  • We are due to get married on 31st July, we still want to get married but don't want to put anyone at risk so we are having the ceremony in July with a couple of guests then postponing the rest of the day to October, all our guests and vendors think its a good compromise! Only thing we can't work out is what to do in place of a ceremony in October! It is quite likely that your wedding may be able to go ahead as planned in August, but whether you can and whether you should are two different things. If you are having a small wedding then you should be fine, but if you are having a lot of guests and vendors then you may have to consider whether going ahead in August will put anyone at risk! Best of luck :smiley:
  • carmack83carmack83 Posts: 17 New bride
    So our registrar have said most likely weddings will not go ahead this summer and even if they lift restrictions it’s a mask job etc most likely. 
    We were offered august 30 but as the travel industry is now cancelled to end of July we didn’t think it’s a viable date and neither did the registrar when we discussed it. I would suggest asking for options now and educating yourself fully on where you stand before deciding or going further. I strongly recommend not making more payments until you know more as I regret doing so. 5k down and contemplating a different venue as we now hate the one we picked due to their bad attitude and money grabbing they are displaying. 
  • It's better to postpone your wedding and plan it in the next year. Because it's a great risk for you, your family and guests. The pandemic will gain momentum now and we all should take care and stay safe. Hope you'll have a great wedding later. Don't be upset, better have a misstimrs bridal box subscription. 

    ChristinaLButler - the bride to be.
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