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Anyone 2021 wedding planning right now?

Hello, I got engaged end of Feb just as Covid-19 took hold and hoping to get married in Ireland (we live in the UK). It's proving a bit tricky, whilst my concern has been on making sure family and friends are well, I'm also finding I need to act quickly as venues are moving weddings this year to next. I'm limited with venues anyway as I'm hoping to do a hybrid wedding (Catholic and Hindu), so eager to not miss out on the venues I can go with if they're filling up dates next year. I wish I could wait another year, though with my age I don't think I can really push it back that far.

I'm guessing most couples have put their plans on hold, but wanted to reach out! Are you planning your 2021 wedding during the pandemic?


  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    Hi! Congratulations on your engagement. I got engaged December 2018 (getting married March 2021) so we have been planning and are continuing to do so at the moment, albeit a little slower. I'd imagine for your situation, it would be best to start planning to make sure you have availability for all your suppliers. What month are you wanting to get married?
    Just a note, I think all insurers have stopped selling wedding insurance policies at the moment, and when they re-open and start selling again I don't know if they'll include coverage for if there's another outbreak of Covid-19. I don't think there's any way around it tbh but could be worth being really careful when checking your suppliers' contracts about their cancellation/postponement/refund policies when booking, and maybe asking them what their policy will be if there is another wave of the virus! Just to be cautious.
  • Thank you and congrats to you too! I think summer is out of the question now so looking at either May or September. I'm having to consider whether to do the Hindu ceremony outside (if inside isn't feasible) so that may sway the time of year, however I'm optimistic I'll find something that will suit.

    That's a really good point on the wedding insurance thanks. I hadn't consider that, but will definitely look into it and keep it in mind with suppliers.
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    Ah okay! Hopefully both those months should be beautiful weather and would work for being outside if needed.
    It's not a nice thing to think about but if all this madness has shown anything, it is to get insured up haha.
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 39 New bride
    Congratulations on your engagement! Such a nice thing to have during this chaos! We got engaged last October 2019 and getting married July 2021. My FH thought we would have a year to enjoy being engaged before the chaos of wedding planning but I have been wedding obsessed since I was 4 so am loving it! 

    We organised all the big stuff straight away as wanted a Saturday in summer in Surrey/West Sussex so it gets very booked up (and it's ridiculous money so hence the long time to save haha). But I'm really finding with all the anxiety at the moment with the pandemic it's really nice having something positive to look forward to and think about (and my friends and family are also using wedding talk as escapism!). 

    May or September are perfect, the weather will still be really nice and you might avoid any clashes of other weddings. In the UK there is always the risk of rain but either are lovely times of the year. I went to a wedding in May last year and it was so great. And I bet there's so much to think about with a hybrid Catholic Hindu wedding. It already sounds like it'll be incredible! 

    In terms of waiting til the following year as you said, could you do a small and simple wedding just with very close family even in a register then in a year do a bigger blessing or celebration when you have more options? Not sure if that could be an option?

    Hope you're all well! Take care x
  • Yep, was due to get married June this year but had to postpone to June 2021 instead. I was a little bit upset about having to postpone at first but I now realise how lucky we are that we managed to find a suitable date for next year, we’ve not lost any of our suppliers and most things are planned and paid for. It was a little bit stressful having to contact venues/suppliers to book a new date, but I can’t imagine how much more stressful it must be starting from scratch with a global pandemic going on! At first it didn’t even cross my mind the knock on effect this would have for 2021 couples.I really feel for all the original 2021 couples who are now struggling to get the ball rolling with their wedding planning due to this horrible situation. But of course as long as we’re all safe and healthy that’s the most important thing. 
  • As both a bride and a wedding photographer, my advice is to absolutely continue planning as normal. A lot of venues are doing virtual tours at the moment which is awesome, and vendors are still booking for next year as normal, after all, taking deposits for next year is pretty much our only income at the moment! I would definitely focus on securing a venue as soon as you can though; as you say dates for next year are getting booked quickly now, and also its generally a lot easier to plan everything else when your venue is confirmed! Don't make any rash decisions though, you still need to be 100% happy with your choices! If it is of any help, I often write wedding planning advice on my blog on my website, I've written a few in regards to finding a venue and questions you should ask them when booking etc. its at if you're interested. Best of luck with your planning!!! :smiley:
  • HummingBird20HummingBird20 Posts: 10 New bride
    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and reassurance! Have been a bit quiet as was busy trying to source venues for both UK and Ireland. We've been doing a couple of calls with venues, was able to see one recently as the owner was happy to tour around with social distancing measures. Looks like Ireland are lifting their lockdown slowly from 18th so couple of venues are agreeing to arrange visits soon but will need to also see what happens in the UK too. So generally moving, slow, but moving.

    One of my current fears I guess with either country is that guests will have to travel between UK and Ireland as we have families on both sides, so I'm hoping flights will sort of be ok next year. Also, not sure how long social distancing measures will go on for, best I can do is assume things will be relatively normal but may have to make a few changes nearer the time e.g. fewer guests. To be honest a few venues I've contacted are really understanding about the situation and are quite flexible, they also know guests are struggling to get wedding insurance for next year so are willing to waiver fees if changing dates.

    We have considered doing a small civil/registration and then a bigger celebration/religious ceremony later on. We're keeping options open for now and see how it goes. I hadn't said this before but one of the other reasons for not delaying the wedding too much is because my dad had a heart attack end of last year and we literally said goodbye as it was that bad - but by miracle (it really was!) he managed to survive. I feel I have a second chance to have him at my wedding but don't want to have it too far away just in case. Otherwise I'd have neither of my parents there which would be sad.

    So that's my update 'til now, please do keep me posted about yours. I'll create a "my planning" thread to share venues, suppliers etc once I get started properly. Wishing you best of health and hoping your wedding planning is going well x
  • We've booked for March 2021 and booked the venue, registrar and florist but I've not planned anything else yet. Don't want to tempt fate I guess! We were hoping to give notice and send out Save The Dates around now. Nice to be in touch with other brides-to-be!
  • HummingBird20HummingBird20 Posts: 10 New bride
    Oh I know what you mean about tempting fate! But I think next year will be ok, don't hold back on sending the save the dates :)
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    edited 11 May
    @hotdiggitydamn83 I agree with @d.mistry7 I would send them out! You could always include a little insert saying something along the lines of "I hope you are all doing well amidst all this uncertainty, and we hope we'll be in a position to celebrate on XX March 2021! We'll keep you updated if there are any changes, but we just wanted to ensure this date was in your diary."
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