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How many candles?

I’m hopeless with this sort of thing. Anyone have rough idea how many floating candle cylinders I would need to achieve this kind of look? 

They would be for long’ish trestle tables of 12 (6 on each side). 

Also, foliage/floral table runners. Are they the kind of thing that only looks good from certain angles? Would we be better off  having candles with small vases of flowers dotted around?

Thanks 😊 


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 603 New bride
    I guess it depends on how busy you want it to look. Always go with an uneven number, so 5 or 7 per table I'd say would be a good start and you can mock it up and add more if needed. I cant advise on table runners foliage vs vases, but I would imagine you would need a lot of vases to stop table looking bare, so do keep in mind the numbers involved and the likelihood of you selling them on afterwards to recover cost. 
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