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When to send out wedding invitations

waid101waid101 Posts: 16 New bride
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I've made a comment in the planning threads but thought I would ask the more general question here. 

When is the best time to send out wedding invitations?

My fiancé and I are getting married end of April 2021 and have had a little mock up of the types of invites we would like but that's it. 

We weren't planning on doing save the dates.

We were thinking of sending out the invites around end of October with RSVP end of January. We are giving guests a choice of two mains so they will have to send the RSVP back so we know what they want to eat. We also aren't going to do a wedding website. 

I'm starting to think we may need to reconsider. 

When will you be sending / did you send your invites out? 

Thanks x


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 603 New bride
    Our wedding was on a Thursday in my half term (I'm a 6th form teacher) so we sent out save the dates well over a year in advance and then sent full invites out about 8 months in advance. We had a v small wedding but everyone needed to travel and sort accommodation so we figured why hang about. We also had to get meal choices etc in and were surprised by how many we had to chase and how often. We had 20 guests, no website or anything. The sooner the better I think.
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 22 New bride
    We are getting married July 2021. We are in the process of addressing the save the dates (which also have the website details on) to send out in May. I know it's super early but
     a) the wedding is a Saturday in July so people get booked
    b) with all the cancellations this year next year will be even busier for weddings and
    c) all my friends and family have been asking for them as they want things to look forward to with all this misery! 

    So planning to send save the dates ASAP and then likely will do invites in October. There is hardly any accomodation and it gets booked so early so wanna do as much as possible to ensure friends and family are ready (although I sound mad!). 

    I think in normal times you would be fine to send out in October though if you think it will be easy for people to book accommodation if they need and you don't think it'll be too busy. Our wedding is out of town so people will need to book accommodation but if that isnt a worry I'd think you would be absolutely fine! If that is a consideration maybe just verbally/by text let your guests know. I guess it just depends on amount of people/accomodation/travel/how much you love stationery! I just love stationery and have been so excited but I know lots of people arent as bothered!

    Either way, I think us brides always overthink these things! If you just ensure guests are aware what they may need and you're not afraid to nag if necessary! I just never understood waiting even though wedding etiquette says so 🙈

    Hope you're okay and happy planning xx
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