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June 6th wedding... Aaaargh!

vikki79vikki79 Posts: 1
Hi all. 

We are due to get married on 6th June. Obviously at the moment we are awaiting a review of the lockdown situation. 

We are resigned to the fact that our wedding is likely to be the minimum number of people allowed (us, witnesses, registrar) if it can go ahead, and we are ok with that.  We have decided to plan a blessing ceremony and reception for after this situation clears. 

I am just unsure how to still make it a special occasion without pulling out all of the bells and whistles that I would want when we celebrate with friends and family. 

I have already decided not to wear my wedding dress (gym is shut and I was 2 inches away from it doing up as it was bought a while ago).

Do we 'arrive in style?', how do we celebrate afterwards? And how do I go about planning a blessing?!

I am sure you can imagine how stressful this is for me, and some friendly words would be appreciated right now - our wedding has been kept a secret as we were going to surprise everyone, and after months of planning how to surprise everyone, the 'surprise' is now on us!!! 


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 87 New bride
    I think you have to work out what really matters to you and what to save for the blessing / reception. Personally I'd keep it simple, get dressed up (but not your wedding dress), ask one of the witnesses to take photos, plan a great meal for after (home cooked or take away) and treat yourself to some drinks / cake / etc. You could have a zoom call or similar with friends / family afterwards or keep it as a day for just the two of you. (This is basically our plan for our almost wedding day but we can't actually get married :( ) The other advantage of keeping it simple is you probably want to avoid booking anything new in case it can't go ahead.

    I can't really help on the blessing front - are you thinking of a religious blessing or something else? Definitely a few people here have some experience with celebrants etc.

    It must be really tough having to postpone a surprise wedding - I imagine you don't want to ruin the surprise but I guess it's harder communicating about it when people don't know the significance of the day you've been planning. Hope you're ok and good luck with it all :)
  • I agree with ClaireB above. You should still make the day special even if it's just for the two of you but make it more around the celebration afterwards and save the dressing up, exchange of rings and vows for later at your blessing. Is it an actual religious blessing you are getting or a wedding celebration ceremony by a celebrant? Celebrants make it much more personal and exclusive and are not limited by religion or government standard practices. Your ceremony and reception can be in the same place, as the venue does not need to be licensed for weddings.  If you'd like more information about celebrants (I am one) I'd be happy to discuss this more with you (no obligation of course) Good luck
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