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Hair and makeup

Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 22 New bride

I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions re finding hair and make up artists that don't cost the earth. I'm horrific at both so doing my own isn't an option, and none of my friends feel able to do it as its quite a lot of pressure. 

I don't live in the area we are getting married so it's not like I have a trusted hairdresser for example. If anyone has any suggestions how they located their beauty people I'd so appreciate it!

Aware that as this years weddings are being postponed, the bookings for next summer are going to be much busier so I'm trying to be as organised as possible without being mad! 

Thanks so much 


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 603 New bride
    I did my own makeup but got my hair done. I just googled a few in the arra we were getting married in, read reviews and then had trials at 2 and chose the best one. I discounted a few for having awful websites or really poor communication or poor phone manners etc.
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 22 New bride
    Thanks @Samantha265 ! I am soooooo bad at makeup and don't have much so feel it will be cheaper to have a make up artist than shell out on loads of products that I will never wear. I've got quite low self confidence so am eager to feel beautiful and not worry about my bad make up skills on the day.

    How early did you book?

    Will start having a google. Thanks so much x
  • MrsE2be2020MrsE2be2020 Posts: 16 New bride
    I'm not sure how well this will work at the moment with lockdown but thinking of when this is over, have you thought about final year or recently graduated students? They might not be massively experienced yet but i'm sure they would charge a lot less than someone who has been doing it a long time and you can make sure there are several trials so you are happy with the look before the day?
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 22 New bride
    That's a really good idea @MrsE2be2020. I will have a little look. Thanks 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 265 New bride
    I booked my MUA from a 'recommended suppliers' list my venue provided and the MUA recommended a hairdresser to me. 
  • alicebeealicebee Posts: 2 New bride
    I found my hairdresser and mua on Instagram (both are reasonably priced compared to other options I saw). You can search via hashtags or look via the 'places' tab for your venue or similar venues in the area to see photos that have been tagged there from muas/hairdressers. Or find one you like and look at who they are following/followed by :)

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