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Summer 2021 wedding

Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 39 New bride

Hope you're all well and keeping safe in this situation. Who would have thought we would be wedding planning in the middle of a pandemic? 

We are getting married next summer July 2021. I feel so awful for all you beautiful 2020 brides having the whole stress of moving the wedding or changing all your plans. It's such a stressful time! 

It has suddenly dawned on me that summer 2021 will now be an even busier time than usual for booking accommodation. The area we are getting married doesn't have a huge amount of accommodation at the best of times, and through my enquiries I've found that some of the 2020 block bookings have been rescheduled to 2021 meaning that we are already incredibly limited for accommodation for our guests. I didn't think I'd need to think about booking out accomodation 14 months before but now I'm terrified that our guests will have no where to stay. So long as I have my friends and family I don't mind, so I'm just feeling a tad worried. 

People like make up artists and florists are also suddenly getting booked way in advance. I know it's not a big deal at all as we are healthy and still have work and a home... But it's just playing on my mind! We have the venue/registrsr/caterers/photographer organised which is a good thing, but then I also feel like we are tied to going for the wedding instead of cancelling and just having a small registry office and a party when there is no stress! 

Does anyone else getting married next summer have any of these worries or is it just me over thinking on my day off and being really silly? Does anyone have any tips about how best to manage the accommodation situation other than spending loads of money booking out everywhere and hoping for the best? In which case I'd feel awful for those rescheduling as I feel like they should have first dibs! 

Any advice or reassurance or just bit of a telling off to stop me being silly! 

Hope you're all well, keeping safe, and not feeling too down about all of this! 

Take care xx


  • As a supplier, 2021 is looking crazy busy. Bookings usually get quiet on the years before a big round number. 2009, 2019. People hold out for that one year to get the round ones. So 2020 was already super busy. But now, all that work has been shifted to 2021 and the years after the big round ones are also busy. 

    Sadly we are now having to turn down new bookings for next year and Covid reschedules. 

    But for accommodation I wouldn't worry too much. The number of wedding venues is the same (or less). The number of weddings taking place will be about the same so the demand for accommodation would be the same. 

    Just advise your guests to get their accommodation booked. Don't do it for them (unless you were going to anyway) as that will lead to more admin for you and you will no doubt get the people who dont want to stay in a premier inn, those who dont want to stay in a fancy hotel etc. Or people like me who love their own bed so much they will do anything to get back to that after a night :)
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  • You are not being silly at all, yes in the list of important things in the world right now, weddings is low on the list, but right now it's one of the most important things to you as an individual so please don't feel bad for worrying about it, you have every right to be stressed about it! I've been going through the same thing, going in circles feeling upset, then feeling guilty for being upset. Your feelings are perfectly valid :smile:

    In regards to accommodation, I completely agree with @Mintyslippers-Films in that you should simply advise your guests to book their accommodation as soon as possible, then leave the ball in their court. It is absolutely not your responsibility to organise this for them, you already have enough to deal with. Just remember that there will always be something you can do, in any worst case scenario, there is always a solution, and your day will be beautiful. What helped me was to create a 'worst-case' back up plan for everything, and show them to my mum and maid of honour. So for example if there was an issue with flowers, I've looked up places to get decent flowers on the day (even if it means a trip to Marks and Spencer!). It is incredibly unlikely you will need these back up plans, but I guarantee it'll take a load of stress off you.

    Keep positive! :smiley:
  • Don't allow panic to сover you. You should critical thinking what could be next year. Just don't harry up. I think it's better to wait a half year you could plan a new wedding date.
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