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Need some ideas/help with our postponed wedding plan!

Hi all,
Like many couples we have decided to postpone our wedding from July until October however we cant face the idea of not getting married in July, so we have decided that we are still getting married on the original date (government allowing) even if we can only have our parents attend, then continue with the rest of the day as planned in October. So effectively we will be having two weddings!

I need some help with some aspects of this though. Firstly, on our actual wedding day, we are still getting married at the venue, and then having a lunch after with our few guests. originally we would have been staying at the hotel that night but of course this is no longer happening. My mum had booked us a mini-moon night away a few days after our wedding so we are waiting to see if we can move this forward to our wedding date. If we can't do this though, what else could we do in the evening? I feel like it will be a bit of an anti climax if we finish lunch and then just all go home!

Lastly, on our celebration in October, the whole day will go ahead as originally planned, so I will be getting ready with my bridesmaids in the morning and our guests will still be arriving at 2pm, and our wedding breakfast and evening plans will all go ahead as normal. The only thing that will be different is between 2-2.30pm when our ceremony would have been. We did discuss doing a blessing ceremony so everyone can still experience our marriage, but it really isn't us. So does anyone have any ideas of what we could do instead? At the moment, I am thinking of having all our guests gather and our bridal parties entrance will be announced and me and my husband will come in together, then maybe do a few speeches to talk about our July wedding and generally getting through this year. Our photographer has very kindly offered to cover both our days, so I'm hoping I can do a photo slideshow maybe as well for the guests so they can at least experience the wedding part. If you were one of our guests what would you like to see or do as an alternative to another ceremony?

Sorry for the long post, its all a bit complicated at the mo!


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