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Name change help- odd one!!

OxsayedOxsayed Posts: 4 New bride
I didn't really know where to put this but i need some advice re changing my name after getting married.

Its a bit of a strange one but I have been married before and divorced 10 years ago however I kept my married name due to my children having the same name. So for example my name was Lucy Locket, i got married and changed to Lucy Smith and kept Lucy Smith when we divorced.

I am getting married again next year and would like to keep my old married name as a middle name as a link to my children (i know this may seem weird to some but my new h2b is fine with it) and take my new husbands surname which is Jones.
So my new married name would be Lucy Smith Jones on things like my passport, however in "real life" i would be known as Lucy Jones.

Whats the easiest way to do this?  I am sure I would need a Deed poll but if i changed it by Deedpoll before the wedding I would have to change my name to "Lucy Smith Smith" wouldn't i? So that when i sent my marriage cert to the passport office i could then become Lucy Smith Jones? I dont want to have to change all my docs over twice so any advice would be welcome!


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  • OxsayedOxsayed Posts: 4 New bride
    Because i dont want to double barrel my Ex married name with my new married name.  I want my old married name on things like my passport as a middle name and my new married name as my actual surname.
  • OxsayedOxsayed Posts: 4 New bride
    what i'm asking is, i want to have my old married name as a middle name on legal docs like passport.  How do i do this?
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  • OxsayedOxsayed Posts: 4 New bride
    yes.. its a bit of a mine field.  I can do it by deed poll before the wedding but that would mean me changing my name from Lucy Smith as it currently is, to Lucy Smith Smith.  Then when we marry i lose the Smith "surname" and pick up the Jones to become Lucy Smith Jones. 

    It seems odd that i would have Lucy Smith Smith on the wedding cert which is why i was wondering if there was an easier way of doing it or if anyone else had any experience in doing this.
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  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 194 New bride
    You could get married and become Lucy Jones and then deedpoll to add the smith later after the wedding as a middle name ? 

  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,515 New bride
    The only way to do this is deed poll. Up to you whether you do it before the wedding and then go through the normal name change process or if you get married and then change by deed poll, it's probably about the same effort either way really but you won't need to change passport and driver's license and all that after each one, especially if they're close together you can just wait until they're both done and then begin the document changing. 
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