Photographers- I'm so confused- I need help!!

hi ladies- please help me I'm so confused. I've been looking for a photographer & the packages just are so different. don't know whether to get an inclusive package or pay a smaller amount & then pay for photod.

what is everyone else doing??


  • we've got a package which is £750 and from memory includes 300 photos and CD or something.

    We're not going to get the album etc included as we can do that ourselves and save lots of money
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    If you're not sure what you want I wouldn't plump for an all insclusive package. You might change your mind later on!

    Maybe pay for a photographer to attend, say for 5/6/7 hours get the pics uploaded to a website then choose the photos you want at a later date. You can always do albums afterwards.

    The main decision is what photography style you like, then choosing your photographer based on the quality of their work not the price.

    All the links below have lots of photographers, browse through until you know what you want, then find a photographer near to you for a reasonable cost that will give you everything you want. Believe me I look at photographs, photographic websites and photo styles all day you'll soon know what you like and what's a good deal and what isn't. - Ebay
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    we're paying £500 for 80+ pictures, that comes with a photo album and all the small prints.
  • Hello Wife2B

    That sounds like a great price the cheapest we have been quoted is £900. We live in Oldham, Where do you live? If it is in the North West please could you give me the contact details?

    Thanks Liz
  • deecy- you are so right about changing my mind!! i am bound to do that. i will have a look on the websites. would i have rights to all of the photos printed & on CD do you know?
  • Hi Girls - one photographer I met and was very good was her website is being redone so don't go on this! She came down from peterborough to meet us and I was very impressed, she will pretty much travel anywhere for you and will work with you to create packages.

    Hope this helps someone! xx
  • Im so confused and annoyed. I spent hours trawling through web pages and phone book asking for brochures and comparing prices. I found one that seemed to do everything I wanted for a good price. I only want a basic package (average no of shots and an album, no CD, extra prints, storage boxes etc etc) but most I've looked at start at £700 and dont include albums. I phoned him up, sounded really nice, looked in great detail at his thorough website and arranged an appointment. On the day my fiance came too- he had a day off especialy and I turned down a days supply teaching. We arrived early and waited out side for a while then went in and rang the bell several times and knocked for good measure as there was a note on the door saying the bell had an intermitent fault. So Each time we rang we checked we could hear it but no sign of life. We waited until 5 minutes after our appointment time incase he'd had to pop out. After that H2B refused to wait any longer saying it was unprofessional and not a good sign. If he couldnt turn up for an appointment would he remember the wedding!

    I tried phoning later when mobile had a signal again but no answer, and he made no effort to contact me- which I would have done if it had been the other way round. You know- are you still coming , is there a problem etc.

    I was really annoyed and disappointed so emailed the next day asking what happened, kept it polite in case there was some sort of emergency and a genuine reason, but made my point.

    He emailed back apologising profusely saying he was in but didnt hear the bell, was I sure Id pressed it propperly? He phoned later and asked to rearrange it. I said i wasn't prepared to drive out to see him and risk another wasted journey so he is now coming to see me on Monday. I'm determined to be firm and not makje any hurried decisions but am seriously concerned about his professionalism. When we were arranging the appointment he said the wrong date and I had to correct him (was looking at the wrong page in his diary) and he told me he had another appointment at 3pm in Exeter so would 2pm bo ok- I had to point out it takes 45 minutes to get from us to Exeter so hes coming at 1.30, yet that still means its going to be a rushed appointment. I dont know am I over reacting to simple oversights or should I not trust him to do the job propperly. As H2B pointed out Id be devastated if he didnt turn up on the day or was late etc.

    I know I shouldnt let cost be a major factor in decisions but when they vary so much and there seem to be lots of hidden costs its hard not to be put off. One company I lookedat charged £600 to add an album to the package.

    An added factor is that my brother and sister have decided to pay for the photographer as our wedding present. Which is a lovely gesture but this was before I started looking into costs and now I'm concerned it will look like Im taking advantage of their generosity! I pointed this out but sister then seemed offended when I said she didnt have to do it. Oh why does it have to get so complicated?

    Any one know of a decent one in devon that doesnt cost the earth? All tips gratefully recieved

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    workforshoes - you would need to ask if you had the copyright included in the cost of your CD, this is only relevent for hi-res or full res CDs as these contain the image files big enough to make decent prints from. Generally it would be stated in the details if you get copyright, but you would definitely need to ask what it exactly invloves

    We do three types of hi-res CD - 25 image for £150, 100 image for £200 and all image (usually 400-1200) for £300

    HelenT - I would be very unhappy with this photographer, if he's like this now what will be be like on the day? Cut your losses I agree with your H2B

    If you are having this a present, ask them outright what amount they would be happy to pay, you can always top it up yourselves.. I'd keep looking

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  • Hi we are paying for the top package with our photographer as we get an aweseom deal. We are paying 980 and we get him and his wife for the entire day, 2 massive prints ready to frame or 4 slightly smaller at a4 size ready to frame, plus dvd, cd x2, our main album with 45 prints and 2 smaller parent albums with the same 45 prints. We are given the rights to our cd which will have min 400 pics.

    Does it get any better and the qualiy is unreal. Its fabulous and the guy is hilarious.
  • Shelle belle

    please tell me this guy is in the north!! what is the photographers name- this is a great deal!!
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