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loving my cake!!!!

I have finally chosen my cake and ordered it!!! Oh yes, it has taken three years to decide between a three tier stacked cake and cupcakes.

I have chosen colour and decor and finally someone to make it. I am so excited I want to collect it tomorrow because I know it will be truely stunning, but I have to wait until Augsut 2008!!!

It goes with my theme, it is in great colours, my cake lady can even see my vision in my head before I finished explaining what I wanted, and it isn't even at a silly cost.

What is everyone having for their cake?????


  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    Thats so exciting...!!Do you have a pic?
  • No picture as it hasn't been created yet, but this is how it goes....

    Top tier 8" round in palest green (like apple white) with sparkles and chiffon ribbon going around it in yellow, pink and blue, with heart shaped beaded sparklers coming out of the top. Each cupcake will be in the same frosting with alternate yellow, pink and blue bows in pastel cupcake cases.

    Is the picture of your planned cake???
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    wOW...that sounds fab..!! This is a pic of my cake..It's 6" 9" 12" with swarovski crystals on the wires....i love it !!
  • When I have it made I will post a picture - hold out till August.

    Do you have crystals on your dress to match? I saw a picture in a mag this month of a dress covered in them and it was really beautiful image
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    You Aug '08 too!!! Yay !!! What date are you/where? My dress is a Maggie dress...Brea ivory with gold detail ...image

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  • Oh, that is lovely. I am 08.08.08,we are getting it engraved in our rings - lol. My dress is a designer sample that I snapped up for £559 instead of £1800 so I don't have a picture online, I should have taken a pic like yours. It has straps and looks like those hollywood bride dresses with the full skirt (princess cut I think it is - I look like belle from beauty and the beast!!) and it has a chiffon layer over the top skirt with beady bits on it, champange in colour. The whole thing is massive and stands on its pettycoats so I can step into it!!!
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    That sounds should have taken a pic...i'm sooo nosey!!! Bargin too...brilliant! We're looking for rings in Feb...can't wait....i want the date in ours too, so h2b can't forget our anniversary!! Roll on Aug!!!!!! x
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