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How many glasses....

.....are there in a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine? Am trying to cost out for the toast.

TIA :\)


  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    you get 6 glasses of champagne to a glass and between 4 to 5 glasses in a bottle of wine x
  • That's what I thought but wasn't sure. It's been a long time since I costed for an event!

    Thanks girl x
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    You're welcome.

    I've got mine in now..just waiting for Tesco's next 50% off so I can drink some of the stuff i have in the house..everyday when I get the hoover out it keeps shouting at me to try a bottle lol x
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