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I have been quoted approx £100 for my bouquet alone. Is this a lot? It has roses and calla lillies. It seems a lot of money though. anyone else spending this much?



  • Hi MrsD2B,

    I was quoted approx £75 for an overarm 'shower' style bouquet with white cala lilies and roses. £100 does seem a bit steep.

    Are you cala lilies coloured? I know this add's a bit to the price as I was told 'they have to be grown especially'.

    I think I'm just going to end up doing my own bouquet with (realistic looking) artificial ivory roses from Ebay! Hope this helps?

  • Hi Emma,

    I saw a florist at a wedding fayre recently who had a bouquet consisting of calla lillies and roses. The calla lillies were the small ones but cost wise it would be about £20. Obviously the bigger the lily though, the higher the cost.

    I would say that £100 is a lot but I think that it does depend on the florist and their overheads etc. Also, if this florist has a reputation as the best in town then maybe this reputation adds on a few pounds??

    Where abouts are you based as I think that things can cost more depending on where you live?

    Not sure that's of any help.

  • oh dear I was thinking of having them pink but I'd better not if this will cost even more!! I wanted pink calla lillies for my bridesmaids though. do you thonk it would look ok if the bridesmaids only had a three or four heads each rather than a larger bunch?
  • You could get them to carry maybe 3 or 4 with the long stems then wrap the stems in fabric the same colour as their dresses. That way you're keeping the colour sheme but you can have white calla lillies and keep the cost down.


  • yes I think the reputation thing may have something to do with it. A know a lot of people who have used her and the flowers are amazing. which is why I chose her. also the quote is for quite a large bouquet.
  • Thats a good idea. maybe I will see if I would be allowed to keep the material that is taken off when the girls dresses are altered and use that.
  • i am having a large calla lilly shower with crystals and ribbon and this is quoted at £90 as in august this is not the season for them.
  • Mine was £120. It was a long trailing bouquet full of orchids and greenery at the edges. Also had lots of sparkly gems throughout. I don't think people can say whether 100 is too much as bouquets come in various sizes. I thought mine was really reasonable for the sie of it but if i just explained it on the site i am sure most people would say its expensive. xx
  • mine is £70 and its actually the one that was used on the catawalk picture in the yyw mag. it going to have sweet avalanche roses, signapore orchids, lots of greenery including willow and thats a shower boquet
  • Hi,

    My bpuquet is also calla lillies and roses both in white and pink. Cost was £70. I thought this was alot but our overall flower cost was alot less than I thought it would be so that made up for it!!

  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    It sounds high ish, but I don't like lillies in any variety (sorry!) so have no idea how much they cost.

    I have been quoted around £60-80 for a hand tied bouquet of mixed roses and gerberas. Am going for cheap as possible as I'm not that into flowers!

  • well that makes me feel better. At least I know I'm not going OTT. However I read on the robbie honey live web chat not to mix callas and roses so now I'm confused and don't know if I should pick something different!!
  • Hi,

    Why should you not mix roses and calla lillies?

  • its your day and you do what you want xx
  • I don't know it didn't say! my florist didn't say anything so I may just do it anyway!
  • Im paying £70 for cream/ivory grand prix rose bouquet with diamante pins inside each rose. My bridesmaids are having the same just smaller and thiers are £30 each
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