What's the most important aspect of your day?

deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
For me I would say:

1. Ceremony itself - saying I do

2. Reception Venue/Party/Decorations/Food - A relaxing & fun evening

3. Bridesmaids/Paige Boys/Maids of Honour/Best Man or Woman - involving the family

4. Honeymoon - leaving same night & without children!

5. Photography - no official photos/video but only ones taken by my family and friends

6. Dress/Suits - something stylish not frilly

7. Flowers - simple not expensive

8. Cars/transport - nothing expensive, maybe taxi or parents

what's your list of importance?


  • I would say for me it is the ceromony - all that is important to me is that i get to be married to my husband to be. Everything else is irrelevent.
  • Looking into my new husbands eyes for the first time!
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Marrying my h2b, and doing it without passing out with nerves.

    At the moment looking good in my dress which I have not yet bought cause I'm losing weight. I want to make my h2b really proud of me.

  • Ok so moments like that are important - the moments you just cannot buy. Waking up as Mrs and being in the arms of your new husband

    I'm just soppy!
  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    I can't wait for the morning after. Waking up with my husband and just taking in that feeling for the first time.
  • the most important aspect for me is being with the man I love and saying our vows+signing the register to confirm us as husband and wife! Then I'l be able to enjoying sharing the same house with my h2b for the first time!!! totally agree with Viv1 and Txx
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    viv1 that's really cute.x
  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    How funny Viv we said the same thing at the same time..spooky!
  • What woman wouldn't rate that as important?

  • Sad but getting pregnant without the negative views of -she's not married yet'

    Sorry, a 100% chinese here, so heaps of traditions and cultures which not many people can understand not even h2b.

    Now i've got to change my attitute regarding my own upbringing on my future kids.

    So I would say, signing the paper is the most important aspect of our wedding day.

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