hope you don't mind me replying to a message you left. You were asking another bride 2 be about the name of her videographer. I live in Wigan well just outside and got married in May - and we had a video man. He was from Standish Video can get you the number if you want its on the high street but i am well pleased with my vid. Actually knew what we were getting cos he first did my sisters 11 years ago and in between my brothers and they all fab if i say so myself. Can't remember the price but i'm sure it would be reasonable - can only remember prices that i thought were stupidly high!! Hope this helps. Sorry again for interupting a conversation. Hope your plans are going well. When do you get married?


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    Hi Lucinda,

    Thanks so much! Don't worry about getting me the number - I can google, or alternatively call in one day - don't live too far from Standish. I'll definitely contact him. I'm having my reception in Standish actually - Ashfield House on 4th Nov next year. Where was your big day?


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