Order of the Day


I was wondering what the thoughts were on having Order of the day cards instead of Order of Service cards for a Civil Service.

Do we need them? Do we have individual ones or do we have one large one (like a table plan)?

Any advice or thoughts would be great.

Thanks in advance.



  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    I've seen these before and thought they were a great idea!

    A wedding stationery supplier sent them to me and they were printed on bookmarks for guests to keep.

    I liked the idea!

    Also, lots of people are having their own 'wedding websites' and you can put the Order of the Day on there too.

    Maybe you could just minimise the text in your Order of Service and combine the 2 somehow?

    Its definitely something H2B and I are thinking about!

    Julie xxx
  • What i did was when i sent out the invites i typed up an order of service as we had already got our timings off our venue. I think there a good idea coz then everyone knows whats happening but i dont know if there worth the additional cost of having them made!!

    I did the same with the menus!! Having them made is a lovely idea, but was trying to cut back & just did my own & sent them with the invites!
  • Hi,

    Im just not sure if i need them. Wondering if its money that doesnt really need to be spent!?! :\?

    In a religous ceremony the order of service only shows what hymms and readings there will be through the service not a plan for the remainder of the day.:\? Or am I wrong in thinking this?


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