think i have pi**ed off my wedding planner!!

uh oh i think that me chopping and changing my mind all the time has taken its tole!! originally i was having florist for flowers then changed to wedding planner and kept changing my mind over what i wanted and then i went back to my florist (more expensive but the most amazing florist ever, she has huge chandelier in her shop!) so i think i have annoyed her! her emails all seem quite short?? am i out of order? after all thats her job to deal with bridzillas isnt?


  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I don't think your out of order, they should be able to deal with brides changing the mind, god knows how many times i've changed my mind.
  • im not alone then! thank god!
  • Hi Hols,

    Definately agree with W2B - if she can't handle you changin your mind she's in the wrong job image

    Anyway - as I understand it's a bride's prerogative to change your mind image
  • damn right it is although i think h2b find it hard when he gets home and i have changed flowers agian when we have only six weeks or so!
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