How much should my insurance cover?

hi girls

just booked my venue so am looking for some insurance. not sure what level to go for. i think the entire thing will cost around £15-17K. should i be looking to insure for this full amount? or less?

also who is the best/ value for money insurer you have all found?


  • I've gone for confetti insurance to cover the same sort of amount. It was 104 quid. There is another post about wedding insurance somewhere where i have put a bit of a warning about E & L.

    Nat x
  • really i was looking at e&l today- do you know whats wrong with them

    have been looking at confetti, m&S & debenhams
  • This is what I put in a previous post.....

    one of the leaflets that always seems to be in the wedding magazines is E & L. they do all sorts of insurance. my h2b is a photographer and has his insurance through them. our car was stolen from tesco 2 months ago while we were shopping and some of his stuff was still in there from a job he'd just come from. they are really being awkward about paying out. as soon as he gets his cheque he'll be changing from them. i've heard a lot of other bad reports about E&L from a photographers point of view since then. not sure what they are like for weddings - but it is the same company(and i think they originally/mainly insure horses!)

    Basically, h2b has had a bad experience with them (h2b is still waiting for cheque 2 months later). They claim letters are in the post, and when they finally get here they are dated after the telephone conversation. They lie!

    and others (on a forum he goes on - so it depends how much you rely on forum advice) have indicated incidents such as 'alleged' computers crashing and even fires where paperwork has been 'lost' and they are very bad at paying out

    that's just what i've heard, from a camera equipment side. don't know what they are like with weddings, but i'm sure they are the same company (E & L stands for Equine and Leisure or something similar).

    Hope this helps

    Nat x

  • thanks for the heads up! i work for an insurance company but we don't sell wedding insurance- pity really as I would have got discount!
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