Anybody h2b in the armed forces!

Hi everyone any ones h2b in the armed forces? if so what colour schemes have you gone with im struggleing to find one that will feel like summer, fresh and light and that goes with my dress and ties in with his uniform.

if you have any thoughts please email back


  • Hi Laurajo,

    my h2b in navy and the lads are wearing their uniforms too - for the ones not in the forces I have got their suits as close as possible to the uniforms, including the black tie. My colour is red but h2b asked if we could incorporate some gold so we are and it is working well, gonna have red button holes and hankies and poss red waistcoats for the guys without uniforms - unsure yet tho - i know not summer colours but had my heart set on red and it is looking good with the hints of gold.

    I think any colour you choose will look great what colour are you thinking of? has he got any colour or gold on his uniform??
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