Planning a wedding for December 2009

kerry1979kerry1979 Posts: 178

I'm in the process of planning our wedding for December 2009 - hopefully 19th December but have still to find a venue image

I've seen a few but have been really disappointed for various reasons - anyway still have more to see within the next few weeks.

I'm wondering if it is too soon to go looking at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. My bridesmaid stays in Amman, Jordan and isn't back in the UK very often. Ideally I would like to go and see dresses for us both in May this year when she is home. I am aiming to loose around 3 or 4 stone before the wedding.

Am I off my head to go looking at dresses so soon ?? :\?


  • kerry1979kerry1979 Posts: 178
    Is it too soon to buy wedding rings ?? I would like to get as many things done sooner rather than later
  • Hi I'm getting married 5th December 2009. I wasn't sure whether it was too early for dresses, but people say that its good to look around and get an idea. I was thinking to buy one around the sales time after Christmas this year. Temptation may get the better of me though. We were going to look at getting wedding rings this year, as the price of gold apparently is going up.
  • collyuk1collyuk1 Posts: 79

    I am getting married on the 19 December 2009 (in Cape Town South Africa)

    And I think that no, it is not too early. I have already booked the venue and bought my dress. The more you get done now, the better (i think!)
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