mrwritermrwriter Posts: 139
Hi girls. I am in the process of planning what to put into my wedding information sheet and have got most of the information together (I think!) but don't know which site to get a map from. Have any of you finished your information sheets? If you have which site did you get your map from? Also did you keep yours plain any simple or did you put loads of information on there so there would definately be no need for guests to contact you with queries? Any help would be greatly appreciated :\)


  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    Apparently the google maps are good - you can type your own details in - h2b's going to show me what to do!!!

  • kabanovakabanova Posts: 135
    I was going to use a google map, and may still, but this site also looks really good when i checked out my Glasgow addresses.

    I'll be adding to our website and creating something printable for the invitation inserts.

    Hope it helps!

  • babyboofulbabybooful Posts: 1,099
    H2b did our information sheets but I think he used Multimap for our maps.
  • martymaxmartymax Posts: 181
    I will be putting together an information sheet and luckily I have a map as part of the venue info pack which is perfect to go with this. We are also setting up a Wedding Path and as part of the site, you can produce your own wedding map which I think is linked to google maps.
  • helenxukhelenxuk Posts: 21
    we have set up a wedding path to (google wedding path) and its brilliant and very easy. you can put whatever you want on.

    ours is partly done - need to find pics of bridal party (and me - have issues with photos as ive put on loads of weight)

  • mrwritermrwriter Posts: 139
    Thanks girls for all your ideas, you've all been really helpful. katyakabanova I love the wedding mapper site. helenx your wedding path is great, I wish I had done one and was planning on it but never got around to doing it and it's too late now.
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