ive found my flowers!!

catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
a fantastic lady on ebay is gonna be making my flowers using wooden roses her designs are just sooo pretty and perfect for what i want, silk flowers didnt really do it for me and real flowers are sooo expensive plus i have soo many hayfevery guests coming!! anyways for 10 centre pieces all 12inches tall along with 1 29inch tall wooden rose tree the total amount is £104!!! and thats including the postage!! and theyre wood!! how great is that! im sooo happy!!!

Im thinking with the smaller ones im gonna buy round mirrors to put them on and then out red glass beads around the base!!!


  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    do these sound ok to you? i just want some feedback on them.
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920
    Hi catseyes

    Do you have the link for the lady from ebay?

    I had looked at quite a few different sites for wooden tulips and they looked absolutely lovely.

    D x
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821

    this is her shop shes really nice and helpful as well.
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    they do look very nice, do they weigh a lot if they're made of wood? Is she making yours especially or is it a design from her shop?

    we had a couple a few weeeks ago who made their own centrepieces from wooden flowers and they were very good!

  • MrsHunt2bMrsHunt2b Posts: 349
    Oooh they are lovely!

    She has some lovely designs in and good prices too!

    just added her yo my faves so i can go back and order mine!
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    theyre really pretty mine are gonna be similar but with more roses and free standing. I dont think they are that heavy considering she only quoted me 14.99 postage for 10 small displays and 1 big one. Ive looked at them elsewhere in a shop and theyre not that heavy as the wood is thin on the actual flowers themselves.
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    will you keep them afterwards? or give them to one of your guests on each table?
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    im planning on keeping the big tree one thats gonna go on my head table and then give the rest to guests if the want them, expect some of the mums and nans might!
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