Anyone Making Their Own Cake?

yorkie18yorkie18 Posts: 780
Hey girls,

My mum has very kindly offered to make our wedding cake for us. We are trying to cut costs wherever possible and she is an excellent baker. Just wondered if anyone else is doing the same? x


  • papaya08ukpapaya08uk Posts: 228
    Hopefully making my own cupcakes as we're not fans of traditional wedding fruit cake and I can't justify so much money on it. I am tempted to buy a lovely chocolate cake for the top though but it depends on finances nearer the time. I wish my mum would make mine for me especially as she's taking the 2 week days before the wedding off because her boss thinks she'll be so 'busy' but she lives 100 miles away adn she'll have more preparation time away frmo work than I will!! Lucky you, I'm sure ti will be great, they are just cakes afterall!
  • gbemi1gbemi1 Posts: 95
    My mums best friend is making our wedding cake. We're going to pay for the ingrediants and the cake toppers and stuff though but it wont cost no where near as much as a shop bought one. Also mums friend (i call her mother 2) is a great choice for doing mine because shes made quite a few family cakes, including my sisters and it was so pretty.

    Me n h2b both dislike fruit cake but wanted one because of tradition, so mother 2 is making us a 3 tier white n pink fruit cake and we decided to also have sweetmans make us a small sponge cake so that we can actually get to taste our wedding cake lol.

    They made our engagement cake so its going to be just like that, square and iced, with pretty flowers on top and our names and wedding date. (we payed about £48 for a big one for the engagement party and seeing as we dont want one anywhere near that size for the wedding, we dont expect to spend any more than £25.

    Smile i cant wait. Makes me so excited talking bout the wedding lol
  • LucyLou09ukLucyLou09uk Posts: 251

    I am planning to make mine. Thinking of having lots of cup cakes and then one tier of fruit cake or sponge at the top so we can cut the cake - not sure that bit would work with the cup cakes lol. I do intend to have a few practice runs and will hopefully be able to get some willing guinea pigs at work to test them for me. xx
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    im not making the cake myself but h2b aunt is buying a iced fruit cake and decorating it for me
  • MaryLeechMaryLeech Posts: 159
    My MIL2B has offered to bake ours to cut costs and she has a friend who will decorate it for us!! image
  • ukztweeukztwee Posts: 181

    We are not baking ours from scratch but we are planning on buying from the supermarket and H2B's sister is going to decorate it for us. She's super-crafty and everything she does is always beautiful, so that's great for us!! We can't justify spending 300 quid or whatever on a cake, no chance!!

    I think more and more people are doing this these days, as prices are so steep.
  • Hi,

    I am making my daughter's wedding cake as I made her engagement cake as a surprise (she didn't know she was going to be proposed to). I made sugar flowers for the top so she could keep them. I love fiddling.

    She is having mainly a plain decorated 3 tier cake. Fruit on the bottom, sponge in the middle and carrot and walnut on the top. We shall have in between the tiers fresh roses in small oasis foam rounds in jar lids to keep them fresh and roses on top. Doing it ourselves will cost a fraction of the price and the comments from people is worth the effort and is so satisfying.
  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    I'm thinking about making mine - hopefully going to have a three tier, stacked round cake. One tier will be fruit and the other two sponge. Just bear in mind that if your having a stacked cake (one tier placed directly on top of another) you will need to dowel the cake. Its really easy and i'm sure there will be websites that show you and give instructions on how to do it!!
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