how to say you want money and not gifts ???

sooty24uksooty24uk Posts: 615
We moved into our first home last Oct and as a resut we have everything we need and it is ALL brand new.

So obviously we dont want or need household gifts, We wanted to put a little something in the invites saying this bu i dont want it to sound like we are asking for money.

If ppl dont get us a gift then that is fine, but if they want to, i want them to know that we would prefer money,

Any ideas how to say this???



  • You could put a poem in the invite explaining this, if you goggle money wedding verse or poem you should find some, and then people will just put money in your card. Or as a alternative you could have a money tree or chest and there is verses for them too!
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920
    This is the poem that we have put in with our invites

    We've been together for a few years now

    and have a lovely home

    There aren't too many things

    that we don't already own

    So if your thoughts were on a gift

    your presence will suffice

    But if you really feel the need

    then money would be nice

    We'll put it all together

    And buy something that's best

    As a reminder of our day

    And our wonderful guests


  • The poem is a great idea i didn't think of that. I'm in the same situation we've been living together for yrs so want money towards our honeymoon. Most people are ok with this as well, i've been to number of weddings recently where moneby has been requested as a present and no one seemed to have a problem with it.

  • haleyjohnhaleyjohn Posts: 40
    This is the poem we are having, we can't afford to book a honeymoon so are hoping to get enough to go on a last minute holiday, we were a bit worried that people might think it's rude but everyone that's going obviously knows us so shouldn't have a problem with it

    We know it's not traditional,

    it's not the way it's done

    instead of having a wedding list

    We'd like a bit of sun.

    We've lived together for a while

    and all the bills are paid.

    We've got our plates, our pots & pans

    A loving home we've made.

    So if you'd like to give a gift

    to help us celebrate,

    A small donation for a honeymoon

    We would appreciate.

  • ninaredninared Posts: 737
    I used this one...

    We are sending out this invitation

    In hope you'll join our celebration

    But if a gift is your intention

    We'll take this opportunity to mention

    We have already got a kettle and toaster

    Crockery, dinner mats and matching coasters

    So rather than something we have already got

    We would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot

    But most importantly we request

    That you come to our wedding as our guest

  • blackstockblackstock Posts: 160
    I was reading this thread about 11pm last night and decided to email amy for a poem. When i got up this morning it was there and i have to say it is perfect i absolutely love it. My mum thought it was cheeky to ask for dollars to spend on our honeymoon and for vouchers to help towards a new couch. This is a really subtle way of asking.
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