chickens and donkeys for favours....?!

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Hi All

We have been to many weddings over the years and I'm not entirely convinced that favours are necessarily always the best idea... people lose them though the course of the night / may not be to people tastes etc etc...

Our wedding is costing a fair bit (as is everyones) and we were feeling we might like to put a bit of that to constructive use ie charity! Was thinking about buying one "communal" favour per table as in a couple of chickens, school kits ie books, donkey etc.... any of those sort of things you can get through Oxfam / etc. for charity for those who need it...

what do people think? would you be upset if you went to a wedding and didn't get a personal favour?


  • I wouldn't be upset at all, thought that giving charity donations was quite a good idea too
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    I think it would be a great idea! - when I read the subject line I wondered if you were giving actual chickens and donkeys as favours! its been a long week : ) xx
  • I would be really happy with what you are suggesting-who eats the sugared almonds anyway?!

    We have only spent £50 on all of our favours-but even then it is £50 wasted if you really think about it. Go for it-I am sure your guests will love the thought.
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    I say go for it - we are getting Cancer Research Pins!

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    I think its a fantastic idea and I don't think people would mind at all! x
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    I think its a great idea!! A lot of thought has gone into it so who could be upset about that image xxx
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    I think its a great idea.

    I was thinking of something similar for the Ushers gifts, as my brother (an usher at our wedding) will have been an usher or a best man at 7 weddings by the time we get married, so I'm not sure how many pairs of cufflinks he needs in one lifetime!

    Let's face it, favours only started to reappear at british weddings about 10 years ago anyway as another moneyspinner for wedding supply / stationery companies. Who went to a wedding before 1998 that actually had favours? And now it's the norm.
  • Hi

    We want to do something similar and have been looking at '' or - can't remember which. Please let me know what you end up doing and how it goes. You could go to Early Learning Centre and buy plastic corresponding animals and this would be a great converstion starter on the tables. We thought about getting the tables talking to each other and so 24 chickens could be exchanged for 1 donkey (cost wise) then by the end of te meal the best man can annouce the decided gifts to charity after going around the tables.


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    I think it's a brilliant idea!! I'd be delighted if I went to a wedding with those favours. Also the plastic animals is another great idea.

    We also wanted to do something different, as favours cost a lot, especially when people sometimes leave them, so have found a company who sell little saplings of British trees in pots, and will personalise each with a sleeve with a name on it. So although it'll still cost, they'll act as placecards, greenery on the tables (our colour scheme is green and white, luckily!), AND favours, as we will put a little note on them asking the guests to take them home and plant them.

    If the guests leave them, we will take them and plant them somewhere, which will stop it feeling like a waste and will be a permanent marker of our wedding day!!

    This thread is fab, it's great to hear about people doing things a little differently xx

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