Help please with evening invites!

Hayleyr76Hayleyr76 Posts: 660
Hi, am after your advice please! Have sent out our day invites and am now going to start doing the evening ones, and just thought- what time should we put on them for the evening guests to arrive? What are most of you doing? I know evening dos we've been to, the arrival time has been 7.30, but sometimes they haven't finished having the speeches at that point and you feel abit awkward?

What do you reckon?

PS sorry to those of you who've read this in general chat but I didn't really get any replies!


  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    We put 730 but really depends on how many you are having for meal.will your venue not beable to give you an idea of how long it will take to serve food.
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    have you considered after the meal not having the speaches straight away and waiting for the evening guests to arrive so they can hear them too? that way you just need to finish the meal and then the evening guests can arrive. i think 730 sounds fine but if your worried how about 8 but it depends how late they can stay til. just an idea

    erin xxxx
  • Hayleyr76Hayleyr76 Posts: 660
    We've actually decided on having the speeches before the meal for various reasons, so I'd hate it for the evening guests to arrive if we're all still sitting at our tables eating! I've emailed the venue to ask them what they reckon but haven't heard back yet!

    I was just interested what everyone else has said in their invites! Thanks for your replies x
  • annaoj3001annaoj3001 Posts: 209
    My co-ordinator at the venue went through the whole day with us in terms of timing and we figures to ask evening guests to arrive at 7.45 pm. Our venue has a late licence so the bar will be open til 1am which is plenty time. I think you should get advice from your venue about timings etc.
  • Hayleyr76Hayleyr76 Posts: 660
    Have just had email back from the venue and she reckons 7.30 will be fine so I'll probably put that down on the invites x
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