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I was wondering, do you think it's ok for me and my h2b to have rings that dont match? The thing is he wants a white gold or platinum ring but I have a yellow gold engagement ring. So we decided to compromise and have 2 tone rings. However I have small dumpy fingers and all the two tone rings I have tried on are too wide for my fingers. Ideally I'd like something with a width of about 3 or 4mm. So I was comtemplating having a plain gold band which I would be happy with, but my h2b doesn't want a plain gold band! argh! lol

What do you all think?


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    i dont think it matters, i want to have a ring with the kinda v shape, cant remember what thats called, so it fits round my engagement ring but h2b insists that we have matching. plus i want diamonds in my ring and he says that would be gay for a man. i dont think it matters, as long as you both have a ring on but your h2b might really want them to match. the other option would be if your gold band is the same width as the middle bit of his 2 tone (if you get what i mean) so his ring matches yours but has a white gold outline? maybe...

    erin xxx
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    I don't think it matters either. I have a thin white gold diamond eternity band style and H2B wants a thick white gold plain band x
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    I don't think it matters - you should each be happy with your own ring, that's all that counts. xx
  • hi i have book an appointment for some one to come to the house how cool is that. they are called smoochrings.co.uk

    they do any size any metal u can have dimond in them what ever you want they do two tones aswell

  • Charl_BCharl_B Posts: 86
    Be careful with smooch rings, there isn't much positive feedback about them. I guess you get that with all shops etc but I didn't want to take the risk and cancelled my appointment. If you google them it should give you the feedbacks. x
  • MrsTtoBMrsTtoB Posts: 25
    Lol funny you should mention smooch rings, I was at a wedding fayre a few months ago and there was a representative there who kept me talking for so long that I booked an appointment so that I could get away from her lol. She was a little on the strange side! She put me off so much that I then phoned up and made an excuse to get out of her coming to my house!!
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    I think its up to you, but say that my h2b only likes yellow gold so his ring is 6mm yg. Because I did not like an engagement ring in yg I was complaining to my sis and she said what is stopping you having white gold, I said because it will look odd she said her friends had different when they got married and i they look nice. So I am having white gold rings and h2b yellow gold ring.
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    i dont think it matters we have been today and bought/ordered ours, ours are completly different. i have a square diamond ring, so i needed a shaped ring and H2B wanted platinum.


    this is mine


    and this is H2B

    you have to waer it for the rest of your life so you have to choose the ring that you want x x
  • we have ordered our rings from smooch and up to now I wouldnt say a bad word about them so id go for it, there are good and bad reviews about them so they arent all bad. the man who came to our house was really nice. We will be gettting them back soon
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