What to ask your wedding venue

Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
Hi everyone,

Our wedding is august 2009 and I have my first meeting with the wedding coordinator at our venue tonight and just realised I have no idea what to ask, my mind is blank. H2B can't go with me so taking mum.

Has anyone had a first meeting with their venue? What sort of things do you think she will ask?

With regards to the reception I know my colour scheme but thats about it, I don't know about times for starting things. Our wedding is at 12.30 and about a 10 min drive to the reception.

I don't want to look alike a complete wally or be unprepared. Could anyone advise me on what to expect or ask.





  • kinky1ukkinky1uk Posts: 142
    I have had a meeting with my venue, and i asked them everything that i wanted. The lady there was so helpful and nice. I took the view that i have never done it before, so why would i know what to ask?

    Go ahead and ask everything.......im sure they wont think you're a wally. Things i asked about were, will they have the flowers on want on the tables, will they let me have fairy lights, will they let me have my own bubble machine, how will the tables be laid out, what route does everyone take when they go through the building (old country house), can i change the menus to siut a particular diet.....

    Think of eveything you want at particular parts of the day, and ask away. xx
  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    Thanks, it seems so simple but when put on the spot I go blank. Gonna jot down a list of things I can think of throughout the day.
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    Its quite early for them to be wanting too many details I would have thought Have you already found out about what time the reception has to finish, do they charge corkage, if its a hotel do they allocate rooms for guests, what do they provide already (like cake stand), when you have to pay the balance and give final numbers.

    Sorry if you have already found out about all this!
  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    I got some of the basics on a printout so not sure what this meeting is for as it is early on in the planning.

    Such as it says they can allocate 10 rooms for guests at a reduced rate. It turns out this rate is for the wedding night only and the grooms family/friends are travelling from yorkshire on the Friday so need 2 nights. It doesnt say that on the sheet but when I enquired, they have to pay the full rate on the friday.

    (i havent told them yet this as they were a bit reluctant with the reduced rate)
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