first day dress shopping!

hiya, i went for my first day trying on dresses on saturday! just thought i'd share my experience with everyone! it was not quite what i expected but still so much fun! i went to pronuptoa and francesca bridal both in sheffield. i didn't get the "thats the one" feeling with any of the dresses i tried on - though i think thats mainly because i loved all of them! my mum and moh did too - howi'm ever goingto choose just one i don't know! i think my 3 favourites so far though were alfred angelo style 1160:

Alfed Angelo style 1612 with cafe trim:

and sapphire stle S9759 (it wont let me copy the picture for that one)

i didn't realise i wouldn't be able to take pictures - is that the same for all shops? its a shame coz i'm already struggling to remeber what they all looked like. in pronuptia they didn't even want my mum to write an details down and then when we asked what the styles were she said she'd put the ones i liked in her book but wouldn't tell us - i assume so we'd have to buy it from there but i was a bit put out by that coz how am i ever going to remeber each dress i try on? i had to go straight on the internet and find them when i got home before i forgot.

i think overall i was most impressed with the collection at pronuptia but the srvice at francesca. it might just have been coz i was the only one there but she seemed more willing to help - at pronuptia she didn't offer for me to try on veils and tiaras or anything and seemed in a bit of a rush coz she had another booking an hour after mine. i think i was expecting to be able to stay a lot longer and try more on than i did - maybe i would be able to on a week day. but at both places after i'd tried 4 or 5 on they seemed to decide that was enough even though there were loads more i liked the look of and would have liked to try on. i feel like its going to take forever if i'm only allowed to try a few on each time! did everyone else find this?

anyway, i realise i'm sounding like i didn't enjoy it now and i really did - i felt like a princess standing there in the gorgeous gowns especially with the tiaras on too. and it wasn't too uncomfortable standing there in my underwear either!

This has been a rather self-indulgent post about my experience - so please share yours i'd love to hear how other people have got on!

Laura xxx


  • collyuk1collyuk1 Posts: 79
    Sounds like you had a great time. BTW, I love the top dress.

    I bought my dress last Thursday. I took my mom, grooms mom, neice and sister with me. I tried on my very first dress and FELL IN LOVE with it! Then I tried on 2 more and looked at others. I went home thinking about the first dress and then............

    Mom and I hopped in the car and went back to the shop. I tried the dress on, this time with heals and tiara and I loved it. So, I bought it!

    And my wedding is only in Dec 09 - but I knew I wanted it!
  • Sweet2BeukSweet2Beuk Posts: 636
    I think you can take pictures once you've bought the dress and are going for fittings. Otherwise they think you will take the pictures and get the dress made elsewhere. I'm surprised they didn't give you details. I went to Pronuptia in Hatton Garden and after the first trying on I fell in love so they gave me the details for coming in again.

    I didn't remember exactly what it looked like but I remembered how I felt in it, which I think is more important, so try and remember that. If you can't then you haven't found the right one in my opinion!!!

  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    i went to a bridal shop in maidstone, kent, and told the lady i was after an empire line gown, she then got out the only dress in the shop that might fit me (im a size 20) and forced me to try it on even though it was more like an A line plus it was a 22. i didnt like it, it was nothing like what i had asked for and then she continued to try and sell that dress to me, said she could have it taken and dry cleaned and do me a really good deal. then i left. it was horrible. i then looked online for a dress i liked, i feel in love with a bridesmaid dress from dessy which i thought i could customise, found a shop that stocked it (in the wrong colour and only a 16) tried it on anyways and i was in love, its perfect, or it will be once i customise it. heres a pic of it with me updating what i plan to do on paint. lol.

    its perfect for my jane austen themed wedding i think plus its really cheap (not that i have a small budget but its the one i want). with opera length gloves and i have flower hair pins to put in my hair. love it. plus might i point out how stupid the woman in the first shop was, i had a budget of up to 1500 to spend on my dress, if she had shown me one like i asked i might have spent that in her shop, instead im spending 300 on my dress and 3 bridesmaid dresses from house of brides online including postage. silly woman, she missed out there.

    back to the point though, when you try on the one you know its the one, i knew even though it was too small and the wrong colour. lol

    erin xxx
  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    I also love the alfred angelo 1160 - I've not started trying on yet (I'm a teacher so plan to in May half term) and that dress is definately on my list to try on.
  • Sweet2BeukSweet2Beuk Posts: 636
    erinkittysnow - I love the idea of a Jane Austen wedding. That dress will look lovely. Are you doing hair in the Austen style too? xx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    im doing my hair like how keira knightly did hers at the dance in pride and prejudice (might i point out that i dont like that version of pride and prejudice, its no where near as good as the BBC one) but anyways this is a picture although its not that great a pic but you get the idea

    and as the pins in my hair i am having these pins with some other ones with just the single rose.

    cant wait for my wedding. image
  • Sweet2BeukSweet2Beuk Posts: 636
    That's just how I pictured it when you said Jane Austen theme. That will look stunning, that's such a lovely and memorable idea. I wish I had a theme!!
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