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Casa in elland West Yorkshire???

Anyone having there venue here ???

We are having ours here and just wondered if there are any brides who have had theres there or planning to have there to offer any hints or tips...???

Thank you :\)


  • sadielady85sadielady85 Posts: 334
    I didn't know they did weddings there, it will be wonderful image xx
  • Hi I am having my wedding reception here on the 3rd July 2010 please can you tell me what your wedding was like because ive read some bad reviews of there and im worried?? Thanks
  • sam2801sam2801 Posts: 919
    My friend had her wedding reception there in may as she got married in cyprus - was lovely!!! Its good if good day as you can also sit out on the decking part! you will have lovely wedding reception there! I was quite surprised as never knew they did weddings - quite a big marquee...! Food was good too - think friend had bbq! Hope this helps! Cant believe there is some halifax brides on here!

    Hope all planning is going well!!! xxx
  • I went to a wedding reception there in october last year. I thought it was lovely. Would be great to sit outside next to the lake on a nice day.
  • lcm23lcm23 Posts: 148
    Oh never been to a wedding here and didn't discover it until after we had booked our own venue but went to a wedding fair there a couple of months back and thought how lovely it would be to have a wedding there in the summer months as the pics with that big lake in the background will be lovely. the decking area out the back is ovely and i've heard good reviews about the food too so i'm sure your wedding will be perfect.

    Just out of interest, what DJ are you using as we are getting married in the same area as you (we have booked Berties) and we have yet to book a DJ and only have 4 months to go!! Argh
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