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Going away dresses - an another excuse to buy a dress -yay!

Dont know if i class as petitie, dont feel like it. I am short at 5"1 and a size 8 (but i will be a size 6 by the time we get married (i hope) - dec 08).

Have any of you thought about dresses to go away in/change into??? I dont know if i will want to change out of my wedding dress when it comes to it, but at least we have another excuse to buy a new dress.

Do you know of any lovely shops to buy party dresses from???

I live in Cornwall and we dont have many.

I love the previous 'paige rose' dress from coast but no longer stocked.

i ould like a bold maybe 'turquoise or green' dress - short and floaty.

Anyone able to help me?

Sez x


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