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Petitie bride with no chest

Hi all my boobs have vanished since i have lost my weight and i'm on the look out for a strapless bra that will give me really good lift to go under my dress, I have been told i dont need to wear a bra but i think it might help give me some oomph, what do you ladies think ?


  • rubyxukrubyxuk Posts: 96
    I've just brought the Ultimo multiway gel bra ands its great, I'm also flat chested and it gives me boobs! its really comfy too
  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366
    Hmmm... maybe something with inserts? I used to have a couple with silicone inserts that provided a little more padding and great lift.. they were Elle McPherson but I think you can get something similar from places like La Senza.

    Another option would be something wish padded inserts, they're little pads that fit on either side of the boob and push up and in, some bras just have them in.

    What style neckline does your dress have? That can also add to the illusion of bust. I'm pretty small chested myself and found that a sweetheart neckline made me look like I had boobs for once yay!
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Yes i have sweetheart neckline on my dress so hoping that will help ...I'll check out the suggestions thanks girls image
  • Hey Littlebobo, I'm the same in the boob department (well, I was on my wedding day - am pregnant now and they've inflated, it's brill!!) and after a lot of uhm-ing and ah-ing and trying on of strapless bras I decided not to wear one. I've never been comfortable in them at the best of times & I didn't want to have to worry about slippage or emerging material on the day.

    I suppose it depends on the style of your dress, though - mine was strapless and corseted and it gave me a natural shape anyway. The dress lady advised against a bra. In an ideal world I would have had a bit more "help" but I decided it just wasn't worth the potential bother.

    If you do decide to go with one and find a good one - let us know, as I've never found one that doesn't either pin my boobs flat or fall down!

  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Pink Toothbrush that is my worry as well i tried those silicone things once and they just fell off clearly a lack of something to stick on too lol..

    My dress is fully boned and corseted but really hoped to have a nice cleavage ..thing is this time last year mine were pretty big ( almost a C cup which for me is MASSIVE) now i've shrunk down to almost an A cup and even h2b has commented about my lack of boobage ..tis rubbish have to say!

    Have you any pics of you in your dress not to sound pervy but i would like to see how your boobs looked lol
  • Hahaha! Perv! Of course:

    As you can see there's no cleavage to speak of, but then the dress is designed to come right up above the boobs anyway. I'm a 34A (or was then, anyway).

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  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    ohhhh pretty pics ..and 34A ..hang on they look bigger than that or is that aided by the dress ?...mmmmm still think i want a bra although looking at your pics i may not need one ??!
  • Most definitely helped by the dress! They were teeny before I got pregnant - so small that I used to be more comfortable without a bra than with one (normally wore one anyway just so it looked like there was SOMETHING there). That's why I decided not to wear one on the day in the end - I thought it'd be more comfortable (although like I say perhaps I'd just never found the right strapless bra).

    I guess you could always get a strapless bra and wear it in and make a decision on the day. Keep us posted!
  • OH I've just remembered something - my dress lady sewed two little cup things inside the corset to give me a "bit of shape", as she put it - they weren't padded at all but they did ensure that everything looked a bit rounder! Maybe you could ask about this?
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Ahhh that's the secret thenimage right will have words with my dress maker and see if they can do that for meimage
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