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Petite mother of the bride - please help!

Hi, hope you don't mind me crashing this forum as i'm not a petite bride but my mum is petite, at 5ft 1in, and we're struggling to find her a nice mother of the bride outfit. We're from the Notts/Derbys area - does anyone know any petite specialist shops in the area or shops that do a good petite range that would be suitable? Alternatively if there's any good online stores any suggestions would be much appreciated! I'm getting married in December so it will be more a wintery outfit that she's looking for.

Many thanks!



  • Hello,

    Have you considered looking at getting something made for her? My mum is 4'6" and there's no way that we're going to tery to find something for her in a shop. I've sent her to the lady that does all her normal alterations to talk about getting something made especially for her.

  • susan140407susan140407 Posts: 115
    Hi my mum is 4 foot 11 and found a lovely dress in Debenhams. It wasn't the traditional MOTB outfit as my mum likes to look a bit more stylish, and she can never find things to fit! Her's was a petite strapless dress, but she got a jacket to match and cover her arms and a little hat to bring together the colours and it looked amazing. Just dont think you're going to find an outfit off the peg as we looked for 2 years in the run up to my wedding. She paid about £80 all in I'd say.
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    My mum is 4'11 and has managed to find some lovely outfits in Monsoon Girls section! Dressed up with hat, shoes, jewellery, etc, you'd never know it was a childs one. Lots of their stuff for girls is often in the same style fabric as the adult range anyway...
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908

    My mum got her dress from phase eight and it is fantastic - didn't look much on the hanger but gorgous when she put it on. Not the sterotypical MOB outfit but she looks amazing (she is the same height as me dead on 5 foot). Good luck xx
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Try a big John Lewis - there are lots of petite collections in there which would be suitable for a MOB. Alternatively try,3,,newpetites&itemsperpage=59&temp=productlist as they do a good petite range and also as I know my Mum shops here and she's petite. They have stockists in your area too.

    Good luck with the search! x
  • zoeh20zoeh20 Posts: 93
    Thanks for all your responses, that's really useful and we'll definitely follow up on your suggestions xx
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