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Are Your b00bs Getting You Down?!

Hey, I decided to start this thread after reading the thread about skinny brides made to feel bad. Not only am I slim, but I'm also a measly 32A and have always wanted a boob job. I feel terrible bra shopping because I alwaysd have to go for the childish teenage training bras and it was hard to find a wedding dress that suited my small chest. It also always bugs me how there are loads of catalogues etc especially for women with plus size boobs, ("We go up to a double J cup! etc!)but nothing for the smaller woman. EVEN THOUGH OUR BOOBS MAY BE SMALLER, WE ARE STILL ALLLLLL WOMAN!!! So ladies, this thread is for all of you to vent your frustrations-if you have any-about the tribulations of being 'petite' up top! Have fun!image


  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    i so agree im at 32 - 34 a depending on where i get a bra from, i dont understand as my mam and her mam had big boobs, but im still small, im 34 years old and wont grow now as had my kidsso still no growth. its sometimes hard to find nice tops as some can be quite low, or boobs dont fit in to it properly, i had a strapless dress for my wedding.
  • had to post! I am so jealous of you petite boobed gals! I am a size 4-6 5ft 2 and with a bra size 28FF! As you can imagine my proprtions are really really unusual. I detest my boobs so much. Am hopefully going to have a reduction. I want them as small as possible. Fortunatly my mother is making my wedding dress so the dress will fit really well. There is no way though that I could have had a strapess dress either as they need to be strapped down and contained!!!
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    can we share some of ur boobs marquessa.

    How lovely for you mam to make ur dress
  • I wish I could share your boobs too! I know it must be a real pain for you considering your height etc but at least you have a dress that'sa unique and made to fit YOU perfectly. (Your mum sounds great btw!) But believe me, the life of a small chested woman isn't all great! Yes, many of us love our boobs and are perfectly happy with them, but many of us are made to feel terrible about our size like we have something wrong with us or something: Anyone been called flat chested/ironing board/pancake/fried eggs/etc...the list goes on and it's usually always blokes that do it in my experience! Anyway, I'm rambling, what I'm trying to say is that don't get them reduced too much hun, you might just regret it!
  • I am a 34a, and it bugs the hell outta me, especially as my bottom half is a size 12. Im VERY pear shaped! I'd do anything for better proportions but alas I can't see it changing anytime soon. image
  • Hi Girls

    I have the opposite problem......a size 10 with 30F boobs!!!

    I got measured at Debenhams on Saturday as I've recently lost some weight so knew my normal 34E's werent fitting but you could have knocked me down with a feather!!!

    Pretty chuffed with the 30 bit but the F!!!! F INDEED!!!!


  • Debendhams sell little gel inserts for about £2 which are the best things since slice bread in my opinion, they are not shaped like normal chicken fillets so yuo can shove them in your bra however you want....genuis!

  • For years I felt really left out having petite 32A boobs, especially when my mum and sister both have incredibly generously sized chests! I'm a bit more confident about them now since I started buying my bras at La Senza, but its the only place I've found that make nice ones that fit. They tend to have a bit of padding in, but they're really nice looking and quite sexy, unlike the wonderbra ones which I never felt very comfortable in.

    I have to say though, I've only been wedding dress shopping once so far and it was not a nice experience! For starters I found the assistants rude and pushy, and then it was extra embarassing because not only did she have to pin me into the dresses (which I expected as they all seem to be quite large sizes, or at least large to me as I'm an 8 UK) but she also had to stuff sponges all around the back and under my arms to fill out the bust part. I'm sure this is probably normal for them to do, but it was still quite embarassing, especially since they were talking to me as if I was a child!

    I like the look of the strappless dresses but I'd never be able to hold one up! However, I also like the little lace straps so whichever dress I pick I think I'll ask for some of those sewing on!

    Respect to the small proportions! :\)
  • Thats horrible to have sponges stuffed inside!! I was shocked when I went to one shop and they told me they only stocked size 16 to try on as that was the average size! They said they could pin it at the back but they just looked way too big to bother with. You can't tell properly if they are that much too big! The next place I tried however stocked size 8 and I had a much better time trying stuff on. I found one I love which I tried on in a 10 but have ordered the 6. Hurrah!!! x
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    Atlantis bras are a god sis and I aren't well endowed but she less so than me and these bra's are amazing!! give ya lots of cleveage and i am hoping to get one for my wedding day!! x
  • Lisa where is this shop that stocks the size 8's? (Oh please let it be near me!!) Is it a chain? x
  • Its in Birmingham (Erdington). I tried about 6 on and none of them were bigger than a 10!!! Hope its near you as they aren't a chain. x
  • Sooo know what you mean girls, and wedding shopping is the worst when you haven't got anything to put in it! I thought I'd make the most of being a bride to be and go the dress shop in Harrods. I took a corset thing to go underneath the dress - the woman wouldn't let me wear it and told me to strip to my knickers!! Then I had to hold either side of the dress to get in and out so had no way of covering up...awful experience - and I was so looking forward to it! Is this a normal thing?!! Do other more endowed ladies strip to their knickers and not blink an eyelid?!! She was a bit of an old dear, weird I didn't need to strip anywhere else..also think of all the b00bs that touched the insides of those dresses...ugghh! he he. If only we could share the wealth around a bit!!
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    girls u can wear strapless dress, i did and im a 34a
  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    i'm having a strapless & i'm 34a too. the dress fits perfectly & even makes my boobs look bigger!

    (good padded bra will also help!) image
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    i wore a padded basque. i have to admit before i went dress shopping i thoguht that a strapless dress would fall down well thats me blonde
  • I'm only a 32/34 B and I'm going to be wearing a strapless dress.

    I managed to find one with detailing across the bust area to make it look better than being totally flat. I used to hate being small on top but I now don't mind I Think you have to live and love what your given x
  • Hi girls, my dress is a halter neck, with th option of having it strapless! I was seriously considering having a boob job until my dress fitting, which made me realise that I wouldn't get them in the dress image I brought a strapless bra, but I need some sort of lifting device to put my boobs into the right place - having breast fed 3 babes they are a bit saggy :\( I did have a bra fitting at Rigby & Peller just as I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was surprised to be told that I was a 32D - but after just over a year of feeding my little man, I am most definately smaller now image

    Although I don't like my size, I think that I am just going to have to make the best of it and accept what I've got - tho like some of you have mentioned, both my mum and sister have far bigger boobs than me - why is nature so cruel??

  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    I'm 32A and II'm wearing a strapless dress. I have a padded strapless bra and I'm using

    "enhancers" (chicken fillets). To be fair, the dress did look ludicrous before I put them in on my fitting day but they make all the difference.I wore them with a strapless bridesmaids dress a few years ago too. I have no bust and no hips and I'm quite straight without much waist definition.I'm also 5'5'' so I'm just long. So I had to have a size 10 because of the waist (I'm a 6-8) which now needs taking in loads! I felt like a freak when she took my measurements! However, I would never wear these chicken fillets normally. I don't really care about my bust anymore. H2b loves them so hey! x
  • Ok, I'm a size 10-12 and My boobs do not look that big. About the size of medium oranges! (bloke sizing is easier to imagine) I always thoguht that I was a bit smaller than I would like to be and then a friend of mine who fits bras told me I should go get fitted. I did and I came out a 30c. Since then I have gone through to a 32DD and Rigby and Peller told me that I should probably be wearing a 30E but basques don't come in that size. 30E!!!!!!!!! OMG I am not that big busted! I do find it interstign though that a size 10 ladies should have a back size of approx 32 inches howver very few bras start at that small a back.
  • tigger_197613tigger_197613 Posts: 4,416
    i hate my boobs lol my two sisters who are younger than me are both alot bigger than i am, i hate bra shopping as i find it embarresing because im onlu a 32 c but to look you wouldnt think so, im probably more paranoid now as i had to have a lump removed from one and im left with a 3 inch scar, my h2b keeps telling me he loves me the way i am but if i could afford to get a boob job i wouldnt hesitate

  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792 New bride
    I used 2 be a 30e, which was great but after having a baby & breastfeeding (for 16months!!!), there is literally not much there! Start dress shopping this week and can't imagine any dresses fitting or looking good as there will be nothing 2 hold it up. I'm also only 4ft 11 and a size 6 to make matters worse! If the shops are only stocking sizes 12-16 how are you meant 2 get an accurate ides of what the dresses will look like? :\?

    I would also love a boob job but couldn't afford it either image
  • I did end up having a boob job about 4 years ago now. I went from a 32A to a 32C. It really is so much better, although I think I thought it would solve all other sorts of problems other than clothes fitting, which of course it didn't! Maybe I'm slightly more confident, but not as much as I thought it would make me! The strange thing is though I will still try certain dresses on in a size 8 or 6 and they are still too big at the top for me!! It makes me wonder who these dress makers have in mind when designing the dress. Surely most people with that size waist and hips would be similar on top??

    Anyway, I would always say to anyone wondering if they should go ahead and have a boob job to do it if they have the money (or can get it on the NHS, not sure what the criteria for this is though) - I love the size of mine now and clothes look way, way better than before!! x x
  • I have a love hate relationship with my boobs. I'm a 30DD and find bra shopping really difficult as hardly anywhere has 30s. Although my boobs are a little on the large side they really don't look big. In t-shirts I look pretty flat chested but if I try to wear V necks or low cut tops it's just a nightmare. I had a gorgeous satin oriental collared low v neck top that was my fave for a night out but now I can't wear it as I tend to explode out of it. Dresses are difficult to shop for as I'm 5'1" and size 6 so I have to get pettite dresses but my boobs end up squished and end up with horrible flabby bits under my arms. It's soo annoying.

  • Its not just you small chested girls with problems Marquissa, I'm in your camp! I'm a size 32FF/G but only a size 10/12 although I am quite tall at 5ft 9in.

    However, the point I was trying to make was...... I ordered my dress this weekend and according to my measurements they would have to order a size 16 to get my boobs in!!!!!! Even though the dress in the shop that I was trying on was a 14 and they had to put 3 cushions down the back so I could see how it would fit. So could really have done with a 12.

    After much deliberation, they decided to err on the side of caution and I have ordered a size 14 and will have to have it taken in.

    I sympathize with you grils but its not all roses round the door!! I guess us girls are just never happy!!!
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    I hate my lack of boobs soooo much! I just don't feel very womanly and feel so insecure next to my beautiful hourglass figured sisters. I've had such hurtful comments made in the past and it doesn't help that since h2b and I were best friends before we got together so I know he likes a fuller chest. Even though he says he'd never want me to get a boob job and loves me just as I am I still know.

    I suppose there's a down side to being big or small. I'd really like to be a C.
  • I'm 5ft 4 and a 34A and I have to say I love them to bits!

    Wedding dress shopping for me was a good giggle with my friends, especially since all the dresses they stock in the shops in chester seemed to be a 16-18. The dress I ended up buying in the end was from trying on a size 18 that they had to bulldog clip so it was tight enough! And yes it is a strapless one image

    While I sometimes wish they were a little bit bigger (I'd love to be a B!), I know one girl who;s a 34G (or the next one up) and she's only 5ft tall, and she's having loads of back problems but her boyfriend won't let her get a reduction because he likes them too much!

    My mum and my sister are also Dcup, and both my grandmothers had larger boobies too so I'm not sure where I got mine from!

    One of my housemates is hating her DD's at the moment because she's suddenly gone up from a B in the last 8 months (and no she isn't pregnant!)

    At least with little ones they won't sag so obviously when we get older image so there is a silver lining image

    Also, I'm going to wear either a La Senza or a Marks and Spencer air/gel bra on the Day - as everyone else seems to agree, La Senza do some lovely bras for the smaller cup and they're also very comfortable!

    Leah xx

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    I range from a 28F to a 28FF, depending on the style of the cup. I got measured in La Senza who said I was a 30E, but when I pointed out that I was already wearing a 30E and it was obviously too small in the cup and too big around the back, they said I was a 28F. Then I went to M&S, who said I was a 28F as well (I got measured just to confirm La Senza!), and the woman was really shocked so got 2 other assistants to check too, which made me feel very embarrassed, especially because all of the other customers could hear and were looking at me! So now I go to Bravissimo, who are really good, and their customer care is excellent. But I don't find their bras particularly sexy. So for bridal lingerie, I think I might buy one of their plain strapless bras and sew a few bows and lace on it to make it pretty.

    Where does everyone else go bra shopping that is my size or thereabouts?

    They do give me back ache, but I'd never have a reduction, I don't think I'd hear the last of it from H2B otherwise! x
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    I dont hate my boobs as such, I just hate trying to find clothes that fit. It always makes me feel like a freak when I go bra shopping and inevitably come back empty handed or with the same bra in 4 colours. I would love to have a reduction but the scarring looks too scary.

    Have to say though that i loved dress shopping, Its the only time Ive found dresses to be too large on the bust!
  • RachieC2BRachieC2B Posts: 133

    Just wondering if anyone can suggest dress styles for the small boobed woman lol! I keep seeing beautiful dresses but thinking they wont suit me as only a 36A/B (depending where i go)! I'm quite slim 8/10 but have broad shoulders from horse riding. I know i should just go to a dress shop and start trying on but want to have some idea first lol!

    Any advice much appreciated!


    ps i love Provonias Dimante dress but worry the v neckline would be all wrong?!
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